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Pictures from the KRAKOW DERBY!!!


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Well last saturday Wisla Krakow played their city rivals CRACOVIA. The stadium was well behaved, eventhough hundreds of cracovia scarves were burned :) [}:)][}:)]HAHAH and one of their giant banners as well !!!! (which was stolen a couple of months ago) a Korona Kielce (II Div team ) Wisla ENEMY. Their Banner was also burned. The gmae finished in a very disapointing 0-0 draw. Here are lots of pictures from teh weekends action !!!!


There are 4 galleries.Just clik on those 4 links on the page. ENJOY some polish Ultras.

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to tell you the truth the I dont like the cheerleaders 9besides them being good looking there is no place for them) The good this is theydo their **** long befor kickoff about 30 min proir to kickoff then leave. The boxing gloves I think was to symbolize the "Swieta Wojna" "Holy War" which what the derby has been called since the 1920's. A cracoiva defenderd said that in a interview after a hard fough game and it stuck, but yeah the differenace between the Krakow cheerleaders and the lynx cheerleader (eventhough you cant really call them that)


Actaulyl nice looking

Do their **** way before kick-off and dont do anything until the final whistles and when the players go into teh locker rooms.

Thy dont lead cheers, the fans sing on their own. But no worries boyz were getting there the cheerleaders are not heard anywayz out sing them and i we dont feel like singign sean just beats his drum a few times and they try to join in :) hehe well enjoy the pics:)

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