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How far would you go to guarantee a Canada win


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I'd build a prominent Blatter-Warner-Pipe shrine repleat with christmas lights, wind chimes, and vanilla scented candles in an appropriate place of honour in my house. Right above the cat's litter box. And would meditate on the forgiveness I humbly seek from said honoured spirits for all those years of my misguided, pridefull abuse of these wise and noble beings. To the toll of one hour per day. Without cleaning the litter box first. And before lighting the Body Shop aromatheripy vanilla scented candles.

As a final gesture of my sinserity to conclude my meditations I'd honour each Noble Being with a shot of 12 year old Canadian Club, sacrificed to the litter box.

Said pentence to continue until we're dumped, or qualify, for the tourny.

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quote:Originally posted by Cheeta


Unless of course, it isn't your ritualistic circumcision...

Well, it wasn't mine, but that didn't prevent me from blacking out for the first time in my life. Very weird. It slowly crept up on me a couple of minutes after the snip. At first I thought I felt a bit hungry, then nauseated, then saw white, then stumbled back and heard someone say "is he fainting?"

And no, I didn't watch. It must have been the baby's continued cries that set me off. [V]

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quote:Originally posted by JCatracho

You guys are really funny,

How far would I go to see my honduran team win?

Well the game is in San Pedro sula 100 miles away from my home in Tegucigalpa I would go walking all the 100 miles naked,no water or food but happy to gurantee my teams win.


Look, we are Canadians and don't want our competition or their fans getting hurt, so please, just stick to lobbing bags of urine at our players and stoning the bus. Unless of course you feel that Canadians players are too used to this thus creating a more familiar and less threatening environment for them (ah, rocks and urine always remind me of fall in Honduras). Perhaps just intimidating the referee like last time will be enough (remember the Jamaican who gifted you two goals in the 1994 qualifying?).

Anyway, good luck, and hey, I am a Canadian doormat, so I have to be sincere or my post will be deleted and/or the members of this board will attack me for not being so.

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Oh yeah!

Well I'll see your letter bomb opening and raise you....

a weeks worth of dedicated attendance on the Network 54 forum


give up my regular drink during the same period whilst sticking strictly to a diet of Teuquila and Old Vienna beer. Or worse, Molson Export. Warm,,, flat,,, Molson Export. Bleah!!!

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