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CPSL Week 21

Rocket Robin

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Details of the Monday September 27th, 2004 CPSL game between Toronto Supra and Durham Storm played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:30pm.

74 min...Supra Danny Amaral GOAL...A Supra player's short cross from left has Amaral flick header from 15 yards go over the goalie Zane Hendrickson (playing off his line) and bounce into right side of net.

Final Score:.....Toronto Supra..........1.........Durham Storm........0.........

Attendance was about 50 on this warm night.

Supra came out firing in the first 20 minutes and almost blew the game open but when they couldn't score, the Storm grew more confident. Fabio Silva had three separate chances in the first four minutes himself including one where he blasted a 20 yard shot off the left post and the rebound bounced back to him and he was so surprised he shanked a shot wide right of the net.

Supra's goalie Michael Silva earned the shutout without having to make anything other than routine 20 yards or further shots. He did make some smart charges to the edge of the box to clear some potential through balls. Defender Robert Fran was brilliant as a defender including an all-ball sliding tackle to trip up a Storm player's rush to the edge of the box and another where he caught up to a player to kick away the ball before the forward could get away a shot. Storm goalie Zane Hendrickson made some brilliant saves and was fortunate on other occasions for some inaccurate Supra shooting.

The Storm were one of the hottest teams in the CPSL over the last three games with first a tie and then two wins over two non-playoff teams London City and St Catharines and the tired Metro Lions. These seven points were their only points of this season. Tonight's effort would have been good enough against most teams in the league, but the Supra have worked on their ball control that they just click-click-click pass better than any other team in the league.

The CPSL continues to torture the Supra by not announcing whether the team will lose points in the standings for using ineligible players. Supra officials declined to name the players for me that are named in this whole action until a decision has been reached and announced by the league which I can fully understand. I'd say even if they were demoted to third, the team would still be listed as the team to beat although the league could throw them until the wild card game against the host Brampton Hitmen which would result in a three game weekend and four game playoff run.

Rocket Robin


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Robin: found this on the OSL board concerning the inelligible player used by Supra.

CP Mississauga

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2004 10:24 am Post subject: TSA is corrupt. [Reply with quote]

The night before we are to play Peniche in the Super Cup we are informed that one of our players is ineligible to play in Canada and our season is done. This kid played juniors in Portugal 3 years ago and he played for 2 competitive teams in Canada since before signing with us and now the OSA and TSA suddenly find out he is ineligible after Supra lost their points HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!. No one on our team was informed that there was a protest against us unlike the Supra protest which was ongoing for months. They were waiting till the season was over to take away 26 points away from us. Supra was protested 2 months ago and it took 2 months to decide the outcome. We were not informed of any protest and it is decided in less than 24 hours before the Super Cup game vs Peniche. Supra is in on it and Peniche is in on it and someone got paid off. Here is the message we got 7:10p.m last night.

Please be advised that The Ontario Soccer Association has been notified

that the player listed above - Carvalho, Kyle Alexander (08.08.1985)

requires an International Transfer Certificate before registering and being eligible to participate in soccer activities in Canada. As Carvalho, Kyle Alexander (08.08.1985) has already registered with

the Portuguese Club of Mississauga for the 2004 Outdoor Season (as a competitive player), the Ontario Soccer Association has nullified that registration with the Portuguese Club of Mississauga for the entire 2004 Outdoor Season.

The Toronto S.A. must notify the Portuguese Club of Mississauga that the

player's registration has been nullified by The OSA. Furthermore, if the player wishes to resume playing in Canada, anytime in the future, the player requires an International Transfer Certificate

from the country in which he was last registered. If you have any other questions, in relation to this issue, please do

not hesitate to contact me.

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Result of the Tuesday September 28th, 2004 CPSL game between North York Astros and Metro Lions played at the Ontario Soccer Centre at 8:45pm.

2 min...Astros Alexander Braletic GOAL...Braletic gets in long run from center that has Lions Marc Jankovic miss on slide tackle on edge of box and Braletic slides in 10 yarder into left side of net beyond diving goalie Amandeep Saini.

7 min...Lions Gabriel Salustius GOAL...Salustius in left of crowd of players in Astros box kicks 15 yard shot to right side of net beyond goalie Sherwin Ramsey.

25 min...Astros Alexander Braletic GOAL...Braletic is centered ball from right and he has 20 yard shot deflected off thigh of defender and ball bounces into right corner of net.

44 min...Lions Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL...Fitzwilliams bends 30 yard freekick that banks in off high right post into net.

47 min...Lions Gabriel Salustius GOAL...Lions Hayden Fitzwilliams touches pass in Astros box to Salustius who blasts 8 yarder into center of net.

73 min...Lions Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL...Fitzwilliams 30 yard freekick is bent into top right corner of net.

Final Score:........North York Astros........2.........Metro Lions.........4.........

Attendance was about 50 on this cool night with the temperature dropping further.

The Astros had more offensive chances than usual and Alexander Braletic almost scored a few times near the end of the game. The Lions looked like they could be beaten at the back but continued to have the majority of offensive threats. Astros PA announcer Ennio had Barletic's young sister Valentina announce his name in place on the roster and when Ennio wandered off to sell lucky draw tickets, and Alexander scored so soon, I signaled Valentina over to help announce the goal. (I've fallen into the position of announcing goals at Toronto Supra games). At the halftime when I cross to the other side of the field to catch any player changes, I filled in as fourth official holding up the sub cards as with scheduled referee Alex Williams not being here, the other officials moved up with Oggy Panic being the referee. I did that on Sunday's Shooters vs Border Stars game too but there were no cards to wave around.

Hayden Fitzwilliams scored on two 'David Beckhamesque' freekicks that the goalie couldn't touch. (I guess that description is still appropriate as it's only Penalty kicks where that expression has become an insult!).

Metro Lions announcer Glenn Sutherland was at the game and told me Hayden Fitzwilliams (not Darryl Gomez) scored second goal in the Lions vs Hamilton Thunder game September 22nd. He found that out after the game was over and the two players were talking about it. One thing about the internet and web sites, changes can be updated!

The Astros season ending lucky draw went off with only 400 tickets being sold at $2.00 each so odds were quite good this year. First prize was a trip for one to California. Only winner I recognized was Hector Marinaro Sr (Brampton Hitmen GM) who won a leather jacket from sponsor Shoeless Joes (bar franchise in the area).

Rocket Robin


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Results of the Wednesday September 29th, 2004 CPSL game between Brampton Hitmen and London City played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 8:30pm.

23 min...City Paul Munster GOAL...A City player sends 25 yard ball up middle that has Munster on knees flick 7 yard header into left side of net.

37 min...City Paul Munster GOAL...Munster gets cross from right in open and has time to turn and fire low 15 yard kick to right corner of net.

45 min 30 sec (2nd half)...City Paul Munster GOAL...Munster gets pass 25 yards out with Hitmen goalie Tony Swaminathan well off his line and gets kick around him and into net.

64 min...City Paul Munster GOAL...City Erik Elmauer cornerkick from left, Munster charges into box to head 7 yarder off underside of crossbar into net.

81 min...City Karim Ben Sari GOAL...City Erik Elmauer cornerkick from left, City Charles Basnett heads ball back from 1 yard with Ben Sari at 7 yards then getting in header just under bar in crowd of players in box.

Final Score:..............Brampton Hitmen..........0.............London City..........5..........

Attendance was around 50 on this cool evening with the temperature falling on the wet field.

Hitmen were never in this game as they couldn't get out of their own half of center for the first 15 minutes.

Paul Munster scored four goals tonight and finishes with 24(?) on the season (Ok the CPSL website says he scored his 20th during Friday's game and tonight's story with scoring four they say he's got 25!). I got to see London City in four games this season and Munster scored at least one in each game for a total of eight. After the game I asked him if he'd be at the CPSL Awards Dinner on October 8th (City did not qualify for the playoff tournament) but his answer was no because he's leaving for Europe this weekend for tryouts. A team official and teammate both confirmed the first stop was the Czech Republic. Should be easy as he holds a European passport. Sure that's easy to understand as he's from Northern Ireland. City and the CPSL are going to find him very hard to replace. Tonight setting up Munster was the hard work of a charging Charles Basnett getting in long runs on the wing and Erik Elmauer getting in cornerkicks and freekicks.

This game was 15 minutes late in starting. I had an idea that much like last Friday's game against Toronto Supra; City was short of players and was just waiting for them to arrive. They had the bare eleven at the beginning of the game. Usual starting goalie Haidar Al-Shaibani eventually arrived and warmed up all alone at halftime. The University of Western student had to finish his classes and drive all the way here. (I'd say at least two hours away). He came in at halftime but as a midfielder replacing defender Jeff Brown. Starting goalie (*by process of elimination, however any player there please e-mail me privately) was Mark Fernandes who didn't have much to do except catch a few crosses and make a few long range saves in the second half to earn the shutout.

Tonight's effort couldn't have come at a worse time for the Hitmen as they will host the Playoff tournament two weekends from now and if they play like tonight, they won't survive the wildcard game. The defense was being shredded from the start of the game. Sunday's game against Toronto Croatia was a great effort and the team could have won except for some off target shooting and timing of the forwards.

The south end net had a huge hole in the top of it, big enough for a beach ball to fit through. When I said in my report of how hard Toronto Croatia's Leo Laurito blasted in his game winner in injury time to that spot I didn't see any rip caused by the shot. Referee Gord Arrowsmith said he tried for twenty minutes to fix it but the game was played with the hole and no ball came close to causing a controversy.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Thursday September 30th, 2004 CPSL game between Toronto Supra and Metro Lions played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:30pm.

60 min...Lions Maxim Dorneval GOAL...Lions player crosses from near left corner flag and Supra player in box falls leaving Dorneval in open and his 8 yard shot from right is under goalie Michael Silva into net.

65 min...Lions Gabriel Salustius GOAL...Salustius gets ball at 30 yards on right and chips goalie, defender rushing back can't keep ball out of net.

70 min...Lions Gabriel Salustius GOAL...Salustius runs on left then cuts along towards goal near end line and rolls tough angle shot from 7 yards into right corner of net.

87 min...Supra Danny Amaral GOAL...Supra Federico Araya in center sends pass left to Amaral whose 10 yard shot in open is under sprawling goalie Amadeer Saini into center of net.

Final Score:..........Toronto Supra.........1.........Metro Lions.........3.........

Attendance was about 80 on this cool night with the temperature falling as the game wore on.

The Supra started the game knowing that they'd won the Eastern Conference after the hearing into a possible loss of points in the standings was dismissed. The player(s) involved apparently played for the Supra 'B' team earlier this year not the CPSL Supra team. I'll try to get some information from the league in the next week. Knowing their record was the best in the league, manager Victor Cameira said he gave four of his bench players a starting assignment. The defence of Rui Sousa, Robert Fran, and Federico Araya held up well but after Robert Fran was subbed at the 50 minute mark with Federico Pereira, the Lions soon scored three goals. I say he's the best defender in the league. Cameira said to some friends that tonight was a lesson to some of his bench players as to why they are bench players! The Lions defence looked a lot tighter than in their game Tuesday against North York Astros.

The CPSL league took so long to decide on the point deduction situation that they now face a problem with publicizing when the quarterfinals will be held (that involves the two third place teams playing at the home stadiums of the second place teams to narrow their numbers down for the semi-finals which will be held on Saturday October 9th. The CPSL awards dinner will be held that night rather than after the Final game on Monday the 11th because it is the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

After the game outside the stadium I saw Peter Pinizzotto who I congratulated for winning the 2004 A-League title two weekends ago as an assistant coach with Montreal Impact. He was the A-League Toronto Lynx coach/general manager from 1997 to 2003.

I’ve taken in eight games in the last seven days which is a bit much but included a rescheduled game that kept my consecutive night streak going. Although the games I’ve watched Hamilton Thunder play this season haven’t been their best results, I’d give them and Toronto Supra the favourite status to meet in the Final game.

Rocket Robin


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There is an article that ran in the London Free Press today. Paul was over at my house while the reporter was interviewing him and I can tell you he is very excited.

If he does well it will hopefully open some doors for our league and hopefully more players from our team.

He will be trying out for Slava Praha of the top Czech Republic league.

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