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UEFA Money and Hearts.


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Was doing my usual browsing and came across a good little articule which realy highlighted the differences between the Big Fish in the football world and the Little Fish and got me thinking.

Kevin McKenna's Hearts are off to Portugal for the return leg of their UEFA Cup test against Braga thursday. Hearts are up 3-1 and Big Kev may finaly make his season debut as Hearts are realy, realy, short of strikers right now duo to a legion of injuries. Anyone remember Braga Municipal Stadium from EURO 2004. Germany-Holland (I think). Big horking rock face behind the one goal.

Anyway. Should Hearts go through, they'll be into the group stage of the UEFA Cup. A stage which could net the Edinburgh club up to 5M pounds, something close to this years player salary obligations. The players bonus from the club directors for achieving this milestone? 2,500 each. Or a little better than 400 pounds per extra match they'll have to play this season should they win through.

Oh, boy.

Celtic's direct earnings from the last two campains in the EUFA Cup and Champions League? Exceeding 30M pounds. And Celtic lost out in the 1st group stage last season. (Tough, tough, group but still disappointing). Indirect revenues? Exceeding 10M pounds.

Rangers who've one foot in the financial grave are facing disaster as they host Maritimo at Ibrox being behind to the toll of 1-nil. No European money coming to Ibrox this season might trigger a crisis or at the least some real dramatics.

Interesting world isn't it? Where European competition money can save your club. Or your club becomes dependent on it.

By the way, Hearts had their biggest crowd in a long time for the Euro Cup match they hosted last week. Sure the match was played at Murray Field, but the Hearts support were there 18,000+. Of course, the joint hold 65,000. And you thought Commonwealth looked empty.

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As an interesting juxtaposition, here is an interesting little article about former giant Napoli getting 50,000 spectators as it starts a new lowly life through a new corporate identity in Serie C1. Seems like sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you start to ascend again.


Napoli's third division opener draws crowd of 50,000

MILAN, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Former Italian champions Napoli, re-formed after a recent bankruptcy, began their campaign in third division Serie C with a 3-3 draw against Cittadella watched by a crowd of 50,000 on Sunday.

Napoli, twice 'scudetto' winners, were declared bankrupt during the close season and refused a licence to play in the second tier Serie B.

Under a new regulation, however, the franchise for football in the city was taken up by a new club formed by cinema producer Aurelio De Laurentiis.

The new Napoli wore the traditional light blue shirts of the old club and surprisingly included the number 10 shirt, worn by Diego Maradona when Napoli won titles in 1987 and 1990 and which had been withdrawn in tribute to the Argentine World Cup winner.

Napoli's former Cagliari coach Giampiero Ventura said he was pleased with the result given the team had only been assembled in the past two weeks.

"You have to remember that we have had time for just one friendly and had very little preparation time," he said.

Two years ago Florence club Fiorentina were declared bankrupt but the new club, formed in its place, last season won promotion to Serie A.

Ancona, relegated from Serie A last season and refused a Serie B licence, also began their new life on Sunday with a 2-1 victory over Cuoio Cappiano in the regionalised fourth level Serie C2.

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Further proof that the FA Cup hasn't become irrelivant.

Stumbling Manchester U. sure wanted that bit of silverware as a face saving trophy after bombing out of the title run and Champions League. And Millwall's 2nd place medals in the tourny earn them a trip to Europe (in a sort of round about fashion, but a trip all the same). The Cup still has value above and beyond the relatively low immediate financial rewards.

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I'm sure there are lots of clubs that could really use that European money. Lazio may have been challenging for the Italian championship in recent years, but now the UEFA Cup group phase payoff is huge (just look at the star, even superstar, players they've had to sell off). Coming home for the second leg up 3-0 over Metalurh, shouldn't be a problem (eh, Jarrek? ;)).

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