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Draft Johnny Van't Schip

Canuck Oranje

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I thought I would start this thread. I raised his name when we were looking for a National team coach; but, I think his name is worth raising again. He would be a great asset to Canadian Soccer. If we are still happy with Yallop after the WC2006 campaign, maybe we should bring him in as a technical director. He could then work with Dale Mitchell leading up to the U-20 WC. The only question in my mind is can we afford him?

As a youth coach, he is world class and now he is an assistant to - Marco Van Basten with the Dutch National team.

Why Canada for him? Here are some credentials

- Ajax Youth coach 1997-2000 and 2002-2004. Players that came out of the system during his tenure include Rafael Vandervart, Johnny Heitinga, and Wesley Sneijder (all Euro 2004 players for Holland) among others on the Ajax team today.

- Canadian-born and still has links to Canada. While he may not know Canada well, he has the contacts to be able to understand professional sports culture in Canada through his cousin, Joe Nieuwendyk (also a champion).

- respected enough by his peers in Holland that Van Basten named him an assistant to the Dutch National team.

- Played in Italy and with the Ajax Championship sides. Was a member of the Dutch Euro 1988 Championship side.

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My information has him as an assistant. http://www.oranje.nl/planet/show/id=963749/contentid=494633

Also, one of his teammates from 1988 is Gullit. Also Gullit was at Sampdoria for two of the same years when Van't Schip was at Genoa. Gullit is now head coach of Feyenoord. I don't think Gullit would have any misgivings about encouraging the younger de Guzman to train under Van't Schip.

As for the link to Nieuwendyk, it is already a known fact in the Canadian media. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam020516/soc_wc1-cp.html

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To be practical, Osiek was assistant to Beckenbauer for the World Cup Champion German side in 1990 and Van't Schip is assistant to Van Basten. Similar situations.

Second, I would argue that there are at least two others likely in line ahead of him for the plum Dutch MNT job after Van Basten moves on. Those would be Ronald Koeman and Ruud Gullit. Mind you if Koeman becomes the Dutch MNT coach down the road, Van't Schip would likely be a favourite for the Ajax job (along with Van Basten). Nevertheless, from a pure career perspective, if he built Canada's U-20 side into say a semi-finalist, it would push him up a peg or two in the eyes of the KNVB. If he took the Canadian MNT for 2010, then he could be a favourite for the Dutch job after that if he had any success at all.

If a Technical Director, it would not hurt his career aspirations if Canada developed a roster of some new superstars.

He is still young and hey, Canada is not a bad place to hang out for a few years. All I am saying is, the CSA should at least make a pitch. The worst that can happen is he says no.

That's not even considering the family ties.

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