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Impact players moving on...


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Sutton is still under contract with Montréal but the club is open to transferring him. I'm just repeating his words from the RDS interview.

Gervais has shown reluctance to move to a bigger club because he holds an engineering job for Saputo during the offseason.

I'd like to see Grande somewhere else, too, but he hasn't had that much visibility. He might go for some trials in Europe this winter (pure spec).

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If Sutton goes to a bigger club (MLS or Other) that would be great for him, as I think he proved he deserves the chance.

At the same time, that will give Andrew Olivieri a chance to show his skills, he may be the next Sutton...I think being named to the All-Star during the CONCACAF under-23 qualifying tourny earns that much.

About Grande, I think he may have got some visibility during the last WCQ in Costa Rica. I think he played a good game and showed his skill. Hopefully somebody other than me noticed, as I must admit I was watching for him.

Just a side note, Daniel. I'm guessing you were at the Montreal final. Were you the guy taking those pictures of the hardcore section during the final?? If you were, I was the guy next to you guys, with the tam tams.

Either way you guys were great, and had a blast that game!!

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