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Lynx Premier Soccer Academy Awards Dinner

Rocket Robin

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September 17, 2004 Toronto Lynx Premier Soccer Academy SYL Awards

Winners of the Toronto Lynx Premier Soccer Academy 2004 Awards dinner held at The Racquet and Fitness Academy in Etobicoke. The awards were given out after dinner to the Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player in each of the Lynx youth groups.

Lynx head coach Duncan Wilde made the introductions.

U15 coach Brett Molson read the winners for his age group. Lynx fan club president Drew Kelis gave out the trophies.

He first said his team won a youth tournament in St Thomas.

MVP---Anthony Doran who is the son of the U15 assistant coach.

Most Improved---Mackenzie Wilde the son of Duncan Wilde.

U16 coach George Ferugia read the winners. Drew Kelis gave out the trophies.

Most Improved---Stephen Clarke (absent)

MVP---William Mitchel

U17 coach Tom Croft read the winners. Lynx captain Shawn Faria gave out the trophies.

The team won the Youth Heartland Division.

They first won a tourney in Kanata and outscored the opposition 68-8.

Daniel Rivivo collects trophy for that.

In the Dallas Cup, they were the first Canadian team to reach the quarterfinals in 10 years.

In the Woodbridge tournament they beat all the OSL teams.

Goaltenders Neil Binstock and Adam Calley pick up the trophy for that.

The team was 12-0 in the Super Y League and had a 60-2 goals for-against.

In “Score In The Shore”, a heavily college scouted tourney, 31 schools made 92 offers for their players.

5 guys were given FULL scholarships worth $30,000 per year for a full four years.

The team will be in the North American championships in Orlando Florida this November.

Most Improved--Kayo (K-Easy) Emonjong.

MVP--John Jonke.

The Lynx had U18 team but will have one in 2005.

U19 coach Danny Stewart read the winners. Lynx players Joe Mattacchione and Aaron Steele gave out the trophies.

The team was the Heartland Conference U-19 champs and reached the USL semi-finals.

These awards were voted on by the players of the team. Only three players were present tonight as most are now in US or Canadian universities.

The U19 teams have the shortest season because of the university situation.

Most Improved--Chad Wynter who is away at St John University.

MVP--Frank Jonke (his brother, U17 MVP, John accepted the award). He’s away at Notre Dame College and has 14 goals in 7 games and was named by the Associated Press as the offensive player of the week in the AMC.

Duncan Wilde finished the evening with a very brief summary of the pro team Lynx disappointments. He's proudest of the success of the academy.

The band Skip Tracer cleared most of the crowd when they started playing.

Assistant coach Billy Steele was absent as were the Hartrells. None that I asked knew anything about the new owners of the Lynx even if it's one owner or a group of investors and even if the team has been sold.

The television system that this place had did not get Fox Sports World so we couldn't see the A-League championship between Montreal and Seattle.

Rocket Robin


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Well good thing the Junior Lynx did better than the pro team. You mentioned there was no system to televise the Montreal Impact game, but then again would DW want to be reminded of the Montreal Impact in action?

Just reading over the awards don't recognize many names, but the U15s seem to a

little familiar, was it just a coincidence,or those strong family genetics coming thorugh.

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