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VERY Promising Dylan Hughes News

Ian Kennett

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About two weeks ago I wrote a letter to Dylan Hughes at his Kaiserslautern club. In the letter, I encouraged Dylan to play for Canada rather than for Wales. Now, I will not be so bold to claim that my letter has influenced him, but I did receive a very interesting reply which I will, hopefully without offending Dylan, share here with you.

"Dear Mr. Kennett,

Thank you for your letter which I received a couple weeks ago. I'd like for yourself and others to understand that choosing to play for Wales is not my final deceision but was only a choice which I took for gaining experience. I wanted to have a look at their set up and how the team was. As far as my nationality I am Canadian and always will be. I tell you that wearing the Welsh jersey was an honour, but I don't think that I could really have the same pride and honour wearing it as if I were to play for Canada.

As a young player, you want to experience and evaluate all of your options in your career and gain the most amount of experience in doing so. I thought that playing for Wales in friendly games would give me that but would not take me away form being part of the Canadian soccer program. I am proud to say that I am Canadian and always will be. When the World Cup (U-20) qualifications begin in January I will likely be playing and scoring goals for my country, Canada!!


Dylan Hughes



Many thanks to Dylan for writing back and giving us his views.


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Guest Jeffery S.
quote:Originally posted by Luis_Rancagua

I think we should do the same thing for DeGuzman little brother.

Why not let his big brother do that job? I mean, it is kinda obvious isn't it? In any case, however good Jonathan is now, he will have to work very hard to get where his elder is now, so give him time. I am not sure Holland will push him that much knowing where he is from, but it is true that if we continue to show off such a poor program it could be disillusioning to think about playing and especially accomplishing something for Canada.

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Kudos to Ian, and kudos to Dylan!! This certainly makes my day. Yes, it would be great to get Jonathon D on board, too, but perhaps we shouldn't push. Like Jeffrey suggests, maybe we should let Jules take care of this. Still, one has to think that the odd letter from Canadian fans encouraging and supporting the young man AND mildly asking him to play for us could be a useful thing. It would require a kind and deft touch. Ian, are you up for it? Or should we wait?[?]

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