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A challenge to Soccerbeast!!!

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Hey Soccerbeast,

I don't know if you are passionate about the Men's Team, if you are a bandwagoner, or just trying to stir things up, but:

It is clear that you think our qualifying run is over.

It is clear that you think our team sucks.

You seem very confident of this in your posts. (Canada sucks, We suck, Germany Good-bye, prediction: Honduras 4 - Canada 0, these types of positive rallying calls. Message received.

You are entitled to your opinion, and you may well be correct.

However, if our men qualify for the next round, why don't you quit posting until after Germany 2006? Don't post in the next phase with postings like:

The U.S.A, Mexico, Honduras are going to destroy us

We suck

Let's give up

I am neither defending you nor damning you for your opinions, simply issuing a challenge. Obviously our Men's team and the C.S.A. has problems but:

Will you accept? Will you honour it if it happens?

The odds are stacked against us qualifying so what to lose??

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