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CONCACAF sends tape of ES-US game to FIFA


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Surely they must consider sending one of our game too.

NEW YORK, Sept 6 (Reuters) - CONCACAF officials have sent a video of the United States-El Salvador World Cup qualifier to FIFA following Saturday's ill-tempered match between the two teams.

Trinidad and Tobago referee Neal Brizan had difficulty controlling the Group A tie won 2-0 by the U.S.

The physical game was marred by two sendings-off and several confrontations between the players after El Salvador goalkeeper Santos Rivera appeared to kick U.S. midfielder DaMarcus Beasley in the face in the 58th minute.


"We have sent a match report and a (video) tape of the game to (world football's governing body) FIFA," CONCACAF spokesman Steve Torres told reporters on Monday.

Torres said the video was sent after the match report detailed the dismissals of El Salvador coach Juan Paredes and forward Denis Alas.

Alas was sent off in the 26th minute for a second bookable offence, wearing jewellery on the field. Paredes was ordered from the bench minutes later for protesting against the red card.

"It was a very odd game," said U.S. Soccer Federation spokesman Jim Moorhouse.

"There were a lot of strange occurrences out there on the field and very little rhythm but in terms of CONCACAF sending a video tape to FIFA, we know nothing about that. That is completely up to them."

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He was given a yellow early in the game for a rash challenge. Then the Americans pointed him out to the officials as wearing jewellery and he was issued the second yellow. Sorry if you were trying to be facitious with your post Gian-Luca and not expecting an answer.

By the way, does anyone ever recall a dubious penalty or sending off being called against the US? Or am I just being paranoid?

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