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DeVos stay home!


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that should have been the moment when it all turned around for Canadian soccer: #5 up at the far post with a broken leg, the big hearted captain heads it home, Canada wins and Jason DeVos is immortal!

Instead he'll be remembered for crashing to his knees at the final whistle, slumped in defeat, inconsolable as his dreams of glory are ripped from him by a smirking cheat of a referee.

The man played on one leg and was an absolute colossus, a natural leader of men, an inspiration. He is truly the one player we cannot do without.

The man gave everything to lead Canada to victory, only to have his will broken by weaker men without shame, who care nothing for courage and honesty in their corrupt and rotten souls?

Stay with your club Jason, stay with you're family; you're too good for Concacaf and it breaks my heart to see what they've done to you.

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The dream lives on. We are still very much alive, as we are capable of victories away from home.

Let's relax, and remain confident. Let's be critical, yet supportive. I support the team and Yallop. And I still very much think we are still alive. Wednesday will be a big day for us.

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