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My letter to Sportsworld (The Score.ca)


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Hello James, Brian, and Paul.

What happened tonight in the Canada v. Honduras match is absolutely

horrific. Canadian soccer fans are incensed and so they should be. Us

fans have been contacting the CSA, FIFA, Concacaf, the Mexican

Federation, and Honduran Federations regarding this incident.

The penalty call was horrific, and compounded by the blatant disregard

for the spirit of soccer by the Honduran forward who dove in that

fashion to draw a penalty. This player must be classified in the same

mould as Rivaldo (v. Turkey) and is only eclipsed by Rivaldo for such

a disgusting display.

Then to have Olivier Occean's clearly honest goal called back for a

phantom foul on the Honduran defender makes tonights events and

absolute travesty.

Being in the media position that you are I ask you to emplore the CSA

on Sportsworld to make a stand and take vigorous action against the

Mexican official.

Voyageurs (canadian-soccer.com) have been making suggestions such as:

a)Sueing the Mexican official

b)Suggesting Canada play it's home games in Europe (which was

suggested prior to this evening and is now being supported even moreso


c)Demanding the Mexican official be banned just as the FA in England

has done to it's own official.

d)WITHDRAWING FROM THE COMPETITION - if not allowed, then send a mix

of our u20, u23 and fringe national team players.

e)Demanding European officials for Canadian national team matches as

this has happened far too often against our teams.

We all agree that Paul Stalteri's and Paul Peschisolido's red cards

are just. We all support their actions.

Craig Forrest was correct in stating the officiating was criminal.

We also understand that qualifying is not beyond, especially if

Guatemala and Costa Rica draw tomorrow.

Thank you gentleman and sorry for the length of this letter. I am

understandably upset.

I cannot wait for Monday to hear what Brian Budd has to say. James,

let him ramble for the entire 30 minutes about these acts, PLEASE.

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