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CP - Radzinski blasts CSA for travel


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quote:Originally posted by G-Man

they have a budget of 13 freaking million for the men's program. They pay no player salaries and play what 10 games a year. Someone is snorting coke at the CSA. Follow the powder and you find what the hell is going on with that cash.

Take a deep breath and think about what you posted.

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Maybe a little late in the day but it struck me as an utterly completely cynical load of rubbish what Pipe said regarding flying in the lads 1st class to Canada and how expesive it was.

Radz's little speaking up was the only articule in the Winnipeg Sun today regarding the match at Commonwealth so I got a 2nd read of the thing and it realy is telling upon closer examination.


Pipe said it would cost $500K-$750K to jet the lads in 1st class 10 times a year from Europe. A dozen or so bodies.

Had me thinking That fu'king Prick!. We haven't had a fu'king home game in 4 years! We haven't played 10 matchs anywhere outside of Europe in the last 4 years were we had to jet the lads back and forth 10 times IN TOTAL. What about the payola from the Tripoli friendly? You know the one that supposedly covered the NMT program expences for an entire year?

What's become of all that money you've been saving over these last couple of years, eh? EH?

So this year and next you may have to spend some money on the MNT program? Boo fu'king hoo!

Count yourself damned lucky if you are going to have the burden of flying the lads back and forth 20 times over the next two years. If the CSA hasn't counted on it already then that should tell everyone everything they need to now about the generals in charge of Canadian football.

Little wonder certain players can justify not playing football for Canada. It's rotten from the top down.

God bless the ones who do.

Damn. And I'm not even into my cups yet...

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guys, i think it's time to start writing letter to the editor in the local papers of whever you guys are.....get this out there to the public and hopeuflly pipe and his slobs will read that we really arent very happy with them.......other V's : if we see some of these letters get published, write replies to them saying that you agree

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You can write till your blue in the face, i don't think nothing is going to change. Lets just say for the sake of arguing, that we do get through to the next round, that means we will face,Mexico, the Yanks,

Honduras again,Jamaica,and Trinadad/Tobago, can anyone see us even getting one win in that section?

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