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Idea to fill Commonwealth Stadium Saturday.


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Know fear all yee who dought the power of the Canadian style Kung Fu master, Waaaaarrmaaaaaaakerrrrrrr!

It realy dose take a trained eye to spy the difference between Canadian style Kung Fu and the Shalon Drunken Monk technique. True both utilise copious amounts of God's nector (ie, alcohol) but only the one regularily, and quite unpredictabily will employ the highly artistic and fluid Plaid Lumber Jacket Attack.

Very dangerous. Do not try this at home, kids.

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In an attempt to steer this thread into reality, I noticed that the Edmonton Journal is running a "first thousand fans to show up at the Journal building on Wed. morning get a 4-ticket family pack.. FREE!!"


I'm guessing that this is for the general seating.. but regardless... that's probably an easy 4 thousand fans there.

I've finally started hearing a bit about this on the radio and in the Journal.

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