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Canada to win 3 - 0


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I must agree with the beast on this one.

All 3 goals will be scored by Jason De Vos.

First goal: Jason sees the keeper off his line and sends the ball over his head from just inside midfield. The ball deflects off the back-peddling keeper's outstretched hand, rebounds off the cross bar, off the keepers head, and into the net!

Second goal: A confident Jason goes in on a Canadian corner kick, and heads a beautiful rocket into the top corner.

Third goal: Pesky draws a penalty, and Frank gives Jason the opportunity to score the hat trick. Jason delivers.

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quote:Originally posted by DJT

Yes, Rudi, but Jarrek moved it here from the CMNT section. This is what I hate about this forum: when things are moved around it confuses people because it doesn't add a "moved to/from" message like other forums do.

Just wait till Snitz Version 4.0 comes out!!! :D

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