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MSA Cup semi-finals go friday.


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Little heads up reminding everyone that if the pitchs at Vince Leah can stay dry enough to play, the MSA Cup semi's will be played tomorrow with 6 o'clock kick offs. Year is getting on and days becoming short so early friday evening the fun begins.

Sons of Italy Lions vs Winnipeg Lucania. No better rivalry in the MMSL. Lucania drew South End Celtics in the quarters and proceeded to hammer the unlucky buggers on their way to this draw. The Lions got a by when the MSA's rural team (whoever the hell that was) were unable to attend and withdrew. Should be fun. Might be able to catch the 2nd half. We'll have to see. Working late blows big time.

Ital-Inter vs SOKOL. This is about as far into a competative tourny Ital-Inter has gotten in recent memmory and they had to fight to get to it too squeeking past 3rd Division upstarts FC Lusitania in the quarters. This is as far as it goes though unless divine intervention makes an appearance. Good news for Inter is the pitchs should be pure Hell tomorrow. But that's about it.

Final will be played Sunday, again a 6 o'clock kickoff, but will be played at Red River College field at the northern end of the Notre Dame campus for those who're unfamiliar. Winner goes to PEI in October to play in the wild and wooly Challenge Cup tourny.

Only work to 5 on Sunday so I get to make the final[^].

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