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Frank Yallop and the MLS connection


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After listening to this show last night and hearing Frank Yallop spew all that garbage about Canada needing an MLS team, I strongly felt that the man has no real vision as to what's good for Canada. For MLS to succeed in Canada, we need 5 strong cities involved in MLS: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, etc... These cities must be established within a period of 5 years in order to generate quickly the player development process. Could this be achieved within 5 years???? Nope!!!! I don't think so!!!! I can not see MLS expanding to these Canadian cities until 12 years from now. That's if we are lucky.

I am affraid that Yallop really represents the old guard of the CSA. These old guards are the ones that have brought the soccer program in this country down the hole. What the CSA should have done within the last 5 years are the following: Open-Cup, CUSL, amalgamation of the provincial leagues, women league (W-CPSL), etc... They had their chance. The even boldly bragged about it that they were going to do something about it, but unfortunately they blew it. In fact, within these last 5 years Andy Sharpe and Kevan Pipe have done diddly squat for pro-soccer in Canada. I am so sick of these guys, and frank Yallop is no better after hearing his bull-(s)hit on the show last night.

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Here it comes another RAMBLING rant from the Arghster :


First of all we played like we didn't care . Which is what p'd of most fans .

Secondly we have a really short bench.

It's not like Belfour can't make it ....call Theodore.....

After some of our players , who do you call.

Yes the CSA has the perception of doing nuthin' for the pro game .

MLS ......NO COMMENT....put an eff'n team in .....who cares any-more.

Our Euro players have the contracts. There is nothing to gain for them getting international caps . But younger players need the caps to get the contracts.

Does any-one remember in hockey when we had a national team based in Winnipeg ( RED BERENSON ) '70'S I think.

Maybe what we need is a full time national team CSA pays the salaries.

Let the Euro players cycle in and out but keep a core to-gether.

It may not be the most individually talented team but it just may be a team.

Maybe a team who has a vested intersest in succeeding will perform better than a group of players who don't have much to gain from playing for Canada any-more.

A thought , that's all.


The original point of this waste of words.

Yallop has a vested interest in MLS . Where do you think he will get a job when this experiment in international coaching comes to an end .

Keep all doors open . Don't tick off the league you came from.

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