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BHTC move homes


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The Bhoys of the Hamilton Thunder Crew a pleased to announce the resent opening of their new site. It can be found at www.thundercrew.com. We feel this site is taking the BHTC in the right direction. This site is just another peace of the puzzle to meat the BHTC goal of making Hamilton the hardest city to play a game, in not only the CPSL but all of Canada. We believe our goals can be accomplished with the kind of step we are taking by opening up the new site. Have a look around a post on the forum. All suggestion will be taking into request. There are also donation and sponsorship opportunists available. Thank you for support the BHTC.


• What is the BHTC about?

The Bhoys of the Hamilton Thunder Crew are an enthusiastic support group for the Hamilton Thunder. During the Thunder games we plan to bring flags, banners and drums. The BHTC will also try to attend a few Thunder road games. We will attempt to make Hamilton the hardest city to play an away game in and to create great atmosphere in the stadium.

• How can I join?

To join the BHTC just show up at the home games and meet the rest of the Thunder Crew. There's no payments required and theres no obligations that you have to come to every game.

• What exactly are "bhoys"?

"Bhoys" (pronounced "boys") is the nickname of Glasgow Celtic Football Club from Scotland. Many of the founders of the BHTC are Celtic supporters, and felt that the adoption of the "Bhoys" moniker was an easy one.

• Can we sponsor the BHTC club/website?

If you are interested in placing an ad on our website please do not hesitate to contact us. Rates and other information regarding advertising on our site can be discussed by e-mail us at thundercrew@hotmail.com. All money raised will be put towards obtaining our own website URL, banners, flags, give aways and other supplies necessary to create the best atmosphere possible.

• Can I make a donation to help out the BHTC cause?

The BHTC are committed to create the best game day atmosphere they can. However, this does cost money. With hosting such events as “Red Card Night” red cards are giving away free of charge. As we plan more and more events we need more finical backing and that is why we are asking you to help out. With the money create from your donation the BHTC will be able to give away more to the fans and to you. All donations are greatly appreciated no matter how big or small. If you would like to donate please contact us at thundercrew@hotmail.com for mailing information.



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I've only been to two games in Hamilton and they were both in 2002 when the team was new. I didnt seem to see any of you guys so I wouldnt no what your all about. The site looks great, I'll try to come to Hamilton on Sept 2 vs. Toronto Croatia if not then Sept 9. I'll come by an meet you guys, maybe join in on the fun.

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Guest HamiltonSteelers

I'm not gonna lie man, I went to one game last year, rather enjoyed it, and made a point of going to a game this year. I met up with a few lads who were singing, started singing with them in the stands, and now I'm a part of it. They're a great bunch of lads who like to be as much of a PG-sh!t disturber as you can be. Come with and enjoy. Glad you like the new site.

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