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Lets compare....


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Heres Canada's lineup July 16, 2000 vs. T&T - Game 1 of the semi final round.


2.Jeff Clarke (Xausa 46)

3.Mark Watson (DeRo 83)

4.Tony Menezes

5.Jason DeVos

6.Martin Nash

7.Paul Stalteri

8.Jason Bent

9.Carlo Corazzin

10.Paul Pesch

11.Jim Brennan

I'd say were a whole lot better this time around even with all the injuries....

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It wasn't THAT bad.

Carlo could score (proof is our gold cup victory), same with pesch.

Nash looked useful back then.

Menezes, deVos and Watson (yes Watson) were all pretty solid in the back.

Stalteri, Bent and Brennan were not as experienced as they are now but they still were OK.

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