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CPSL Week 15

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Result of the Tuesday August 17th, 2004 CPSL game between North York Astros and Hamilton Thunder played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 9:00pm.

21 min...Thunder Sasa Milaimovic GOAL...Thunder player crosses from right that bounces in Astros box in crowd of players and Milaimovic gets foot in from 3 yards to kick ball into center of net with goalie Peyman Beheshtipaur guarding near post.

52 min...Astros Alen Majstorovic GOAL...A short pass from the left by an Astros player and Majstorovic connects on midair 30 yard chip that rainbows into top right side of net over goalie Mario Cenolli.

Final Score:............North York Astros............1.............Hamilton Thunder............1..........

Attendance was about 100 on this warm evening.

Astros had a tough time getting past the 35 yard line of Thunder for the entire first half. Timing of the Thunder was off with a bad final pass or Astros block cutting down on many of their set ups. Astros had some good rushes in the second half by Alen Majstorovic and Daniel Jaroch. A flurry of Thunder action in injury time almost pulled off the win for the Thunder however with play equaling out in the second half, the tie was a fair result. Thunder's Miles O'Connor played well but I'm sure the team would do better if they still had his brother Matthew and midfield Edmilson who are both playing with the A-League Toronto Lynx until the end of the Lynx season in August. Astros goalie Arthur Zaslavski is away trying out for a 3rd Division team in France. Astros midfielder Gabriel Salguero was in the stands serving a suspension.

The CPSL Playoff finals hosts will be officially announced soon as Brampton Hitmen. That should cut down on the complaints that London City hosts everything. Brampton Hitmen were the playoff champions last year. Unofficially the Hitmen may bring in the son of the team manager Hector Marinaro and one of his teammates. Hector Marinaro Jr is the all time leading scorer of indoor soccer with exactly 1250 goals and 2800 points. He has now retired from the Cleveland Crunch. The other teammate also played for the Crunch and the two of them were known as the Dynamic Duo. Logic being that Hector Jr would be in Toronto that weekend anyway on the Thanksgiving weekend visiting his father.

The Ontario Soccer Centre's outdoor field turf field cost $850,000 to install and should last ten years. Real grass is supposed to cost $150,000 a year to maintain.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Thursday August 19th, 2004 CPSL game from Metro Lions vs. Brampton Hitmen played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 7:00pm.

13 min...Hitmen goalie Tony Swaminathan makes bad clearance to Lions Gregory Messam 25 yards from net who passes ahead to Lions Gabriel Salustius and goalie pulls him down left of net injuring him. Referee Michael Lambert gives Swaminathan a Yellow card and awards Lions a penalty kick.

14 min...Lions Craig Patton GOAL...Patton rolls Penalty kick into left side of net as goalie falls to middle.

18 min...Hitmen Ivan Jurisic GOAL...Hitmen player gets in quick freekick from edge of Lions box as some players are still arguing call. Ball rolled from left to center and Jurisic rolls low shot to left corner of net with goalie Courtney Campbell shuffling the wrong way and can't dive back in time.

47 min...Hitmen Hugo Herrara GOAL...Hitmen Jonathan Bustamante rolls pass along edge of Lions box from left and finds Herrera in open and he rolls shot into right corner of net.

64 min...Lions Maxim Dorneval GOAL...Dorneval is knocked a cross by Lions Gabriel Salustius from right and he has time to stop ball and 15 yard shot from left is into middle of net.

76 min...Lions Gabriel Salustius GOAL...Lions player's short pass finds Salustius on right all alone and he chips goalie from 12 yards into left corner of net.

95 min (injury time)...Hitmen Paul Daccobert GOAL...Daccobert beats Lions defender Marc Jankovic to ball and chips it over goalie from 15 yards and ball bounces into net with Lions defender Sasha Kosanovic rushing in can't quite get back in time to clear ball.

98 min (injury time)...Hitmen Paul Daccobert injured inside Lions box. Lions Sasha Kosanovic gets Yellow card for knocking down Daccobert and referee awards a penalty kick.

100 min (injury time)...Hitmen Willie Giummarra Penalty kick. Giummarra rolls shot to left that diving goalie pushes wide right and ball is cleared.

100 min...Game finally ends.

Final Score:.............Metro Lions...........3.................Brampton Hitmen...........3.............

Attendance gradually picked up to about 80 by the end of the game from half this many for the early start weeknight game.

An extra ten minutes of injury time was actually quite fair because referee Mike Lambert had to issue a lot of cautions and give some talks to players to cool down the emotions. There were also no ball boys and balls behind the net could roll 40 yards to the back fence. Also balls kicked over the sidelines could roll under the stands and finding the few kids to crawl under to stands to get the ball wasn't easy. Only late in the game did the referee ease up and have the fourth official unpack the extra balls.

This game got pretty rough with lots of hacks and retaliation especially in the second half. The referee evened out the penalty kick calls in the last minute but it was scary how the Lions almost gave this game away. Their tie briefly puts them in the lead of the Eastern Conference but expecting Toronto Supra should beat Durham Storm tomorrow they will fall to second. The league's two best teams are in the same conference. With a completely balanced schedule of eleven teams, throwing every team into one table would have been the fairest way to settle the season, and then let the top six into the playoffs.

Lions Hayden Fitzwilliams and Gregory Messam fed the crosses into forwards Craig Patton and Gabriel Salustius. The Lions don't believe in sitting on a lead and that left the burden of defense on Kevin Ricketts, Sasha Kosanovic and Marc Jankovic but they had their troubles near the end as some key subs by the Hitmen brought on some fresh legs. Hitmen's defense was anchored by veteran Milodrag Akmadzic who wasn't afraid to yell at his own defenders when they'd get beaten on a play.

The Lions international exhibition game will be played Sunday September 12th against Portmore United FC the Jamaican Premier League champions of 2003. They were formally known as Hazard United which means that I've seen this team before! It was in 1984 when Hazard United played Toronto Blizzard of the APSL and beat the home team 1-0 when the Blizzard had to play shorthanded for the second half when a player was red carded.

Rocket Robin


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What a rough game. I thought extra time ran a bit long. Rocket Robin, where will the Lions face off agains Portmore United? With the cooler weather at night in Toronto and the rest of Ontario, the Jamaicans will playing with long selves and everything.

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Result of the Friday August 20th, 2004 CPSL game between Durham Storm and Toronto Supra played at Civic Stadium in Oshawa at 8:30pm.

2 min...Supra Domagoj Sain GOAL...Supra player's freekick from right edge of box is knocked down and Sain shoots 7 yarder into top left corner of net.

25 min...Supra Adam Pacheco GOAL...A high ball is sent forward by Supra Pedro Dias and Storm goalie Devon Spiers and defender Hassan Abdul Ameer crash together outside box injuring both of them. Pacheco gets to bouncer and pounds in 1 yarder into open net. Ameer is down for about two minutes.

32 min...Supra Pedro Dias GOAL...Dias is pushed centering pass and his 25 yard low shot bounces over sprawling goalie into left side of net.

48 min...Supra Danny Amaral GOAL...Amaral overpowers Storm Hassan Abdul Ameer as both players are running into DS box, then takes a shot that nutmegs replacement goalie Zane Hendrickson.

54 min...Storm Richard Gayle gets pulled over in Supra box on high ball into box that probably would have gone wide. Referee Yakov Keimakh calls a penalty kick.

55 min...Storm Jahmo Welch GOAL...Welch Penalty kick is low to right corner of net and is beyond diving goalie Mario Neves.

56 min...Supra Frank Cardona GOAL...Supra players push their way into DS box and Cardona flick foots ball over goalie from 5 yards and defender on line can't keep ball out.

83 min...Supra Frank Cardona GOAL...Cardona on right races in and chips goalie Brian Rapier from 10 yards tucking ball just under bar from sharp angle.

87 min...Storm Zane Hendrickson GOAL...Storm Domico Coddington curls in 25 yard ball into box from left and Hendrickson (now playing as a midfielder) leans into header from 10 yards putting ball into left side of net.

90 min...Supra Pedro Dias GOAL...Supra player crosses from near right corner flag has Dias connect on 10 yarder to right side of net.

Final Score:..............Durham Storm...........2...............Toronto Supra.........7.........

Attendance was about 80 on this cool evening with the sky already dark before the game started. More than half the spectators were kids and the Storm decided not to have a 50-50 draw.

Storm used three goalies tonight. Starter Devon Spiers made a mistake in the first minute when he chased a cross across the box and after teasing a Supra player to rush forward picked up the ball except that he was just outside the box on the right and that set up the Supra freekick that resulted in the first goal. He was replaced at halftime by Zane Hendrickson. When forward Richard Gayle was injured at the 74 minute mark, the Storm played short for 8 minutes until Brian Rapier came in to play goal and Hendrickson pulled on the #18 shirt and played midfield and scored the team's second goal..

This was certainly the CPSL's best team playing the worst. Supra take over as best team in the league with a 9 win, 1 loss, 4 tie record while Storm fall to 0-12-0.

Supra defenders Garvin Houston, Robert Fran, and Domagoj Sain kept the shots on backup goalie Mario Neves to a minimum. The team made full use of their bench in the second half using everyone but regular goalie Michael Silva.

Referee Yakov Keimakh didn't give out any cards in this game from what I saw but used his whistle and ran into the play whenever there were signs of trouble.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday August 22nd, 2004 CPSL game between Vaughan Shooters and Toronto Croatia played at The Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm.

21 min...Shooters Jose Aniekwe GOAL...Shooters Matthew Palleschi runs on right on a 2 on 1 rush and passes forward and left to Aniekwe who gets low 7 yard shot under sprawling goalie George Azcurra on short left side.

46 min (injury time)...Shooters Raj Takhur GOAL...Shooters Aniekwe gets to cross from left and hits bar from 7 yards on header, ball deflects back in play and Takhur leans into header to put it into top right corner from 5 yards.

55 min...Shooters Matthew Palleschi GOAL...Palleschi is pushed forward ball on left and his 20 yard shot is low and into right corner of net.

89 min...TC Velemir Crljan cuts around defenders on edge of Shooters box and as after he's in box, a player drags him down. Referee Manuel Orellano calls a Penalty kick.

90 min...TC Leo Laurito GOAL...Laurito Penalty kick is a low shot to right corner of net as goalie Brian Bowes dives left.

Final Score:..........Vaughan Shooters...........3............Toronto Croatia.............1.............

Attendance was about 125 on this warm evening but the night brought about a drop in temperature.

Regular Shooters goalie Rob Scala is still serving a lengthy suspension for throwing the fourth official's table after a game sometime last month. Brian Bowes phoned the team and has been given the starting assignment. He had to come up sharp on a few occasions and he almost had a shutout. I counted eight minutes of extra time. George Azcurra had to make some good saves to keep Toronto Croatia in the game.

Toronto Croatia only brought three substitutes with them for tonight so getting fresh legs for a comeback wasn't easy. The Shooters have a new star in Matthew Palleschi with a lot of good runs tonight. Midfielder Joey Todaro continued to blast 20 to 30 yard shots soaring them well off target.

It turns out Toronto Croatia defender Joseph Cosentino is the nephew of long time CPSL player Willy Giummarra who now plays for the Brampton Hitmen. Both Giummarra and Brian Bowes played for the glory days of early league powerhouse Toronto Olympians.

Rocket Robin


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