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MNT Training - August 17

Ian Kennett

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I missed meeting Nolando again.

Nolando's report was pretty right on so I do not have a whole lot to add. I thought that the training was a step more intense than yesterday, and Yallop had the guys working on more strategy and subtlties than before.

As for the players,there was nobody who really outshone the rest, but Nolando is right. Occean looked good as did Pesch, de Rosario, Pizzolitto, and de Guzman. With respect to Biello and Watson,they seem to know what to do with the ball, but their A-League status does not provide the pace, and so they seem to take a split second longer on the ball. Biello is a smart player but may be just a little slow at this level; his head has all the right ideas though. We'll see if he gets some minutes.

With Devos out, it seems that the back four will be Stalteri, although he looked good up front, Pizzolitto, Watson, and Jazic. The guys who may begin the game as subs are probably Hutchinson, Serioux, Biello, Sutton, Peters, and Gervais. I might question Watson as a starter, but he has by far the most experience and Gervais has not had any A caps yet.

A funny aside, there was this Guatemalen photographer set up behind the goal with a high speed camera takiong pics of some set pieces - a spy at the airport! I had great fun "accidently" stepping in front of him several times to ruin his line of sight just as the play began. "Hey amigo - c'mon!!!" He finally gave up. What a hoot!

According to Julian de Guzman, he thinks that his younger brother will probably opt for Canada. He says that he is encouraging him to choose Canada, but will support whatever choice Johnathon makes. Interesting news!

See as many of you at the match I hope in your red and white.


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couple notes on your report:

good job on workin the guat camera man. thats awesome

good to hear about JDG talking up canada to his bro....

and u have a good point about gervais. But hopefully we'll be in a position at some point to get him on...

wish i oculd be at the match, have a good one

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Watson must start. Less he totaly craps out, Frankie will give him the cap.

What about Hutch at center half? He's got to be ten times quicker than Watson, not as hard but all Watson's bite won't do him any good if Guats are zig-zagging around him. I'm sure Imhof will be playing close in front of the back line anyway so that'll sure help the coverage and organization back there with two new bodies in front of Onstad.

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