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Guatemala (Possible) Starting Line-Up


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Poorly translated article, left untouched:

Strength in the middle field

Guatemala could leave with solid defensive block

By: Antonio Districts, Eddy Recinos, PRESSES FREES

The players of the selection of Guatemala get ready for the session of training in Vancouver. Photo Presses Frees: Antonio Districts.

Vancouver, Canada /.-The selection of soccer of Guatemala was exercised yesterday in the facilities of the Burnaby Lake Complex, to about five kilometers of the center of Vancouver. Two hours the first Canadian earth practice lasted.

Maradiaga made a work specified with the establishment, that from Monday at night counts on its main goleador, Carlos Ruiz, that traveled from the Angels, California, to be united to the group of players.

Average populated field

The technician of the two-color pencil will bet to the surprise in the duel that will be made tomorrow as of the 20 hours, in the Swangard Stadium, where course to Germany 2006 will initiate the second eliminatory phase.

In agreement with the shown thing in the training, Guatemala could align thus: Ricardo Foster within the framework; Pablo Melgar, Gustavo Goatherd, Néstor Martinez and Denis Chen in the defense; Fredy Thompson, Gonzalo Romero and Mario Rodriguez in the containment, whereas Guillermo Ramirez in the creation. In the attack they will appear Carlos Ruiz and Dwight Pezzarossi.

At first the use of the field was for two hours; nevertheless, the ones in charge indicated to him to the technical body that they would only count on one hour. After a series of managements, the order changed and the equipment worked as it were predicted.


Néstor Martinez assured that "I feel a little suffered by long it of the trip, but thanks to that we come with a good time of anticipation we will be able to recover little by little".

"We are contentments by the recibimiento, this jeopardizes more not to defraud the people who deliver a great attack here, to work and that supports to us", she finalized.

Denis Chen commented that it felt well and that the long trip was afectadol to him evemente.

"We have the time sufficient to recover to us and to be to the one hundred percent for the party of Wednesday".

"Important": Carlos Ruiz

The forward of the Galaxy, the Angels, and the two-color pencil, Carlos "the Fish" Ruiz exercised itself yesterday without problems next to his companions in the facilities of the Burnaby Lake Complex.

The attacker explained that the party before the Canadians will be important for the aspirations of combined patrio in this eliminatory one.

"the mentality that is had, beyond the fatigue, is to make a good party. This it will be the most important duel in the eliminatory one ", commented.

Ruiz, who militates in the MLS, knows the rival, mainly to two of their players. "I know Rosary and Pat Ostand, that play in Earthquakes, of San jOse.

We saw the parties that disputed before Belize and we will take the reference from how they move ", indicated. Ruiz added that Canada "is a difficult equipment", but Guatemala is prepared to offer its better effort in this first encounter of the eliminatory one.

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No surprises there, except maybe in goal. The Guatemalans I've been reading like Klee better than Trigueno Foster because they feel he's better on crosses and they think of Canada circa 1990.

That lineup would line up like this:

-------------------Trigueno Foster





Same team that played Surinam except Romero comes in after being injured. From what I read it sound like he and Ramirez are both playmakers and Ramirez played on the righ against us in 1999, so they could swap spots.

Thanks for the link sstackho.



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