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More on Simpson & Serioux Millwall debut


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Just got back from the Millwall vs Leicester game.

Simpson looked good.

But **** ME, Adrian Serioux had a brilliant debut. The guy took a throw-in from the halfway line into the 6 yard-box where we scored.

We won the game 2-0 and Serioux was no-doubt the man of the match.

The best thing to come out of Canada since sliced bread.

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We did one chant for him last night at the match in Toronto...just in his honour and probably for the last time.

I hope his season continues so well.


I guess Sean and I shouldn't have had any doubts in our discussion at the pub afterwards. What were we talking about Mr. Keay? I remember nothing and it stays that way.

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quote:Originally posted by MILLWALL FC FAN

Millwall have also been linked with another canadian being...

Jaime Peters

Does anyone know anything about him and how does he compare to simpson and serioux.

Also where does he play?

Read about him in the Canadian NT and Players forum.

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by all accounts he's lightning. josh simpson type. frank yallop has said that he will play vs. guatemala and he's currently travelling england on trials. the biggy being at united. most fans would rather he go to a first division team as he'll get first team opportunities.

he must be rated as one of the top 2 or 3 canadian prospects of all time to be called up to the nats without ever playing professionally. (personally i think it's to ensure he remains a canuck international in the future)

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