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Best way to Swanguard from either airport or down.


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When leaving the airport you will be on the Arthur Lange Bridge heading north towards the mountains.

Stay in the right hand lane and exit off the bridge onto SE Marine Drive heading East.

Stay on SE Marine Drive for about 10 or 15 min depending on traffic.

Turn left on Boundary Road and you will be heading north up a steep hill.

After 3 min you will see tall trees at a park called Central Park.Drive 1 or 2 more minutes and you'll see Swangard on your right.

Keep an eye out for the parking accessible by a right turn seconds before you actually see the stadium.If you miss it just turn right on Kingsway and then the next right into the other parking lot.

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If you are coming from downtown and you want to take a skytrain you can get on at any station and head east.

As you cross into Burnaby(just past Joyce St. Station) you'll see Swangard on your right.You get off at Patterson Station just a few minutes walk from Swangard.

It probably takes about 15 min depending on the station you are getting on at downtown.

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