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Simpson v. Plymouth (Chat Discussion)


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Hey guys, i ended up chatting with the Millwall fans during the Millwall v Plymouth match. I basically went into the chat room demanding answers about Simpson, and how they feeled he played.

16:46:10 [timotas] im from canada, hows Simpson playing!?!?!

16:46:28 [berlinwall] not bad

16:46:56 [expat_lion] Simpson has to get used to the pace of the game he has lost the ball about 3 times

16:47:00 [MrsKP] maybe he just needs the experience ?

16:47:08 [wandering] Simpson a bit lost at the moment

16:47:30 [smiffy05] tim do you rate him?

16:48:01 [timotas] well in canada, he is an upcoming player, he isnt ready for a full international debut tho

16:49:56 [timotas] do you guys have any little write ups i can copy and paste quick to tell the supporters back in Canada about Simpson, just 2 or 3 lines from any of you

16:50:22 [MrsKP] he's quite gorgeous

16:50:43 [MrsKP] i've still got expectations from josh,

16:51:13 [Dave] i don't think that we will be able to tell just how good he is untill later in season

16:52:33 [expat_lion] Simpson missed another

16:52:33 [liongolfer] timotas he has not got in the game

================The 90 minutes were up, and then i decided to ask a few more questions to the Millwall fans=========================

17:05:40 [timotas] hey millwall fans, can i ask y'all a few questions

17:05:52 [wildkatmik] go for it

17:05:55 [WallBitch] you can tim

17:06:10 [wildkatmik] But you will get honest answwers

17:06:17 [jase_69] just don't mention theo tim

17:06:23 [timotas] i only want honest answer wildkatmik!

17:06:26 [WallBitch] ok kicking.....sorry if you are still live

17:06:30 [wildkatmik] go on mention him

17:06:34 [wildkatmik] be brave!

17:06:43 [timotas] ok, out of 10, rate Simpson against Plymouth?

17:06:56 [wildkatmik] 6/10

17:07:13 [jase_69] be better if he could stand on two feet

17:07:59 [jase_69] did a hesky and kept falling over

17:08:12 [WallBitch] when is the other one going to play. Souiex??? something

17:08:37 [timotas] yea Serioux is there too

17:08:57 [WallBitch] see I rembered the x

17:09:14 User Mr_Niblick has successfully been kicked away.

17:09:21 [timotas] yep, he played against Wall in Canada for the Canada B Side

17:09:42 [wildkatmik] Hey sorry I gotta go...going up my Dad's for a Chinese....see u later people!

17:09:42 [jase_69] next question tim

17:09:45 [WallBitch] I listended to all the tour games tim

17:09:49 wildkatmik exits from this room

17:10:03 [WallBitch] mike get me a doggie bag

17:10:06 [WallBitch] bollox

17:10:27 [timotas] Did Simpson provide anything effective in the game? Any good scoring chances? Made a superb runs? Anything?

17:11:19 [WallBitch] simpson played the same as all the other team honey. ****. or we would have scored

17:11:59 [WallBitch] missed a header

17:14:45 [timotas] thanks for the answers guys

17:15:40 [timotas] Within 4-5 more games, Simpson will be up to the speed of your game, and will be the spark plug of your team

17:16:29 [WallBitch] ok tim so long as we haven't done the russian double act I will be happy

Well after this chat conversation, basically Millwall as a team played poorly, and Simpson played average for Millwall. He wasn't superb but he wasn't bad. But they should give him a break, its his first professional club game, im sure he'll provide them something special in a few games. He'll have to get use to the fast pace football and he'll be fine!

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sky doesn't show an awful lot in the way of the lower leagues in england...a weekly game and some early carling/f.a. cup action as well as a weekly highlight show is about it...unless there's a break in premiership action (like this weekend, or during many of the international breaks) when they might show a couple of games to fill premiership slots.

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quote:Originally posted by Timotas

Well i'm sure it was televised in Millwall


Now all we need to find, is somebody who is willing to broadcast the game straight from TV. All they would need is a video card with Video In.

Probably not going to find anybody willing to spend the time to get it working.

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The people in that chat room listened to it on radio. I was there earlier, but finally fell asleep. So take that for what it's worth.

Compared to NA sports where you can probably watch every single game your teams plays in the big four sports if you pay for it, in the UK there really isn't that many games on TV. At least it didn't seem that way when I was over there.



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I feel like I'm being the pessimist here, but I am rather confident that ITV and Sky Sports are not available on any US satellite. They sell the North American rights for EPL soccer separately... There'd be zero use for Fox Sports World, if people could get Sky and ITV in the States.

I'd love to get BBC1 and BBC2, but instead we're stuck with BBC Canada, which isn't worth a dollar once you've seen The Office.

In addition, I'm also pretty confident that today's game wasn't televised anywhere. One reason being is that it was a 3pm Saturday local start. In England, there are NO televised games at 3pm Saturday (at least that's how it was 3 years ago). It's quite surreal actually - there will be hours of match previews, getting you all pumped up for the matches that are about to begin - and then at 3:00... horse racing! This is to encourage people to go out and see their local club play at 3pm, which is the start time of virtually every level in the big English pyramid.

That being said, there may have been some changes in the past few years such that there are some pay-per-view matches available at 3pm - but I'm not sure.

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I was at the game (unlike I assume the folks in the Millwall chat room yesterday afternoon), and am about to start writing my reports for my newspaper in Plymouth.

Simpson was a peripheral figure after he came on yesterday. A few nice touches, one good run, but he struggled to retain possession at times. Didn't seem used to players closing him down and getting stuck in with crunching tackles as soon as he had the ball. When he did see the ball he looked promising but, as Millwall manager Dennis Wise said to us afterwards, Simpson admitted following the game that he'd been amazed at how fast the game was. It's a very big step-up, in terms of fitness and the pace of the game rather than skill levels, from playing for the University of Portland to competing at this level in England, and he will need time to adjust.

Simpson is number 15 in the yellow shirt in the picture. The man with GM on his grey shirt in the dug-out is Plymouth assistant coach Gerry McCabe, a Scotsman who played in Canada at the start and end of his playing career: in Ontario (Windsor Star?) in 1977 and BC (Victoria Vista?) in 1990.

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From Skysports:

Millwall have suffered a blow with the news that Paul Ifill faces a spell on the sidelines.

The winger picked up a calf injury in Saturday's goalless draw with Plymouth.

Lions boss Dennis Wise expects to be without Ifill for a couple of games.

"Their player caught him on the back of the calf - it wasn't a clever challenge," Wise told the club's official website.

"We'll have more idea of how it is on Monday but he will certainly miss the next two games, if not longer."

Bad news for Ifill but potentially good news for Josh. Nothing like being thrown into the thick of things right away, I guess.

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Here are some other comments from the Telegraph and Football365.com


Canadian international Josh Simpson made an earlier than expected debut for Millwall at promoted Plymouth.

The 20-year-old was introduced as a first-half substitute for right-sided midfielder Paul Ifill, who suffered a calf injury.

Simpson acquitted himself remarkably well, especially considering his post-match revelation. "It was a lot faster than what I am used to so it will take a few games to adapt," he said.

"There were a lot more fans. I am used to seven or eight hundred back home playing for Portland, whereas there were 16,000 here."

Player-manager Dennis Wise preferred to defer his own telling introduction until just after the hour due to a pre-season injury and lack of match practice.

"I wanted to give the young lads a chance," he said. "I have got to earn my place."

Wise immediately set up a chance for giant striker Danny Dichio, who later saw his goal-bound header cleared off the line by Plymouth's impressive Northern Ireland international Tony Capaldi.

That was the closest either side came to breaking the deadlock.

Wise said: "It wasn't ideal for Josh being put in so early, but we played against him in Canada and he gave us a hard time. He's only just turned 20 and he's just got himself in the Canadian national team. He's got a lot of quality.

"I am pleased he got a game, he didn't realise how quick it was but now he knows. The great thing was he adapted to it."



Paul Ifill looks set to miss Millwall's clash with Wigan after suffering a calf injury on the opening day of the season.

Ifill limped out of the Lions' goalless draw at Plymouth after being caught late and could be out of action for at least a fortnight.

Canadian wing-back Josh Simpson could be thrown in to replace him after impressing as a substitute.

Simpson signed a two-year contract with Millwall after catching the eye during the club's pre-season tour of his homeland

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