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Napoli spark new Serie B storm

Thursday 5 August, 2004

Serie B is in for another torrid summer as Napoli’s appeal was rejected, taking the matter to the courts.

Luciano Gaucci’s attempts to ‘rent’ the Naples club, thereby getting around rules banning one man from owning two sides in the same Division, have been cut down at every turn and today the CONI arbitration commission also came out against the Perugia patron.

However, Gaucci has some support behind him, as the administrators suggest registration to Serie B is Napoli’s most valuable asset and must therefore be protected in order to better pay back its creditors.

Now the Naples Tribunal has received a request from the administrators to block the drawing up of the 2004-05 calendar if Napoli are not included.

At the same time, the bankruptcy clerks have ordered Gaucci not to begin a pre-season training camp, originally planned for this afternoon.

“We are only interested in one thing,” announced the volcanic businessman, “and that is to keep Napoli in Serie B. I came here to achieve this and I will fight for it now. Even the bankruptcy tribunal agrees with me and I really don’t care what anyone else has to say about it.”

Gaucci is certainly not one for idle threats, as last summer several months went by in the courts before the FIGC was forced to expand Serie B to 24 teams in order to accommodate his relegated Catania.

As for the future of Napoli, it is reported that none of the interested parties handed over the paperwork or cash needed to take up the Lodo Petrucci – a rule allowing a bankrupt club to start again with new ownership in Serie C1.

If Gaucci’s latest crusade against the football authorities fails, it is possible Napoli will have to begin again in the amateur divisions.

There is also another legal battle in place, as Perugia director Alessandro Gaucci has seen his appeal to have Parma thrown out of Serie A rejected by the CONI arbitration commission.

“We will go to the civil courts to have justice,” slammed the son of the new Napoli patron. “It is so clear that Parma have registered for Serie A incorrectly that I cannot see how they have failed to accept our appeal. This is a scandalous decision.”


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quote:Originally posted by TorontoInferno

Well they decided the makeup of Serie B last year in the courts, involving those crazy Gaucci's with Catania.

And when they did that, didn't they say afterwards that they wouldn't get involved again, that some law would be created preventing them from getting involved in the future? I seem to remember something like that.
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The way laws get created in Italy is substantially worse than the legal system.

There has to be a clear and i mean 100% agreement for laws to be passed, even among the FIGC, as it is part of the Sports Ministry, and is subordinate to Federal Laws in Italy.

So if there was a law proposed, it would probably have been torpedoed by Gaucci's friends in politics..

Or he sued and got the law recinded :)

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