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Kinsmen Stadium isn't on the list probably only because Jarrek doesn't know about it.

I think the list that's posted is an older version (eg. Varsity Field now has some (temporary) stands, so its capacity is no longer 0). As it says at the top, Jarrek is hoping to fix it up and add more details about each stadium.

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When the list is jiggled, don't forget to add the site now legitimized by being the home of the higest level of professional soccer in Canada;), Coronation Park (capacity 1,500). I really like Coronation, the pitch is good, the location is good, and the closeness to the field is great.

Foote Field entry should be changed to the following:

"Foote Field (grass section) Edmonton 1,000"

Another addition

"Clarke Stadium Edmonton 1,000-2,900"

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