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MSA Cup starts getting serious this week.


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It's August and that favorite time of year for Winnipeg's local footie fans. This year's addition of the MSA Cup is getting into high gear as the elimination rounds have done the business and we're getting into the nitty gritty.

New format this year. The usual minnow elimination rounds have been followed up not with a group phase, but an unseeded single game knock out pyramid. Holy FA Cup, Bat Man! Bravo. Long overdue. Makes for lots of fun, draw anxiety and a chance for the Little Fish to join the Big Fish further into the tourny.

Took a little work, but I found this weeks scheduled matchs and here they are. Should note that Lucania get a by to the next round as they drew Polonia who were forced to withdraw from the tourny. Looks like full steam ahead for a Lucania side who're showing themselves the class of the league so far this year.

Tuesday, Aug. 3rd. Vince Leah. Kickoff 6:30</u>

FC Lusitania (3rd) vs Winnipeg Croatia (Prem.)

Blue Blazers (3rd) vs Grant Mill Sword (1st)

Wednesday, Aug. 4th. Vince Leah. Kickoff 6:30</u>

SOKOL (Prem.) vs Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv (Prem.)

Ital-Inter (Prem.) vs United Weston (Prem.)

Hellas (Prem.) vs Sons of Italy Lions (Prem.)

Friday, Aug. 6th. Saint Vital Memmorial Park. Kickoff 6:30</u>

South End Celtics (Prem.) vs Maples Juventes (Prem.)

Note the earlier kickoffs (shorter days. No floodlights) and Friday's match is at Saint Vital Memmorial.

Can't say too much about any of the matchs. Haven't hardly had any time to get out to Vince Leah this year but am going to make a few guess' (and hopefully the Ital-Inter vs Weston match).

Sword wins and joins the final 8. Wee Elf's cousin guests on Sword and they look the fav for promotion to the Premier division this year so Come on Sword. See you next round.

Stumbling Lions get Hellas, last years spoilers in the MSA Cup and a pretty together side. This year? Couldn't say but the Lions have been up & down by many accounts and like many sides outside the Big Three, Hellas seem to improve as the campain gets on. So look out. Could be a grand game or a washout.

Match to watch Ital-Inter vs United Weston. Both bottom of table sides lacking depth but Weston can move the ball around a little bit and if Inter can get a full bench out to a game this should be a close draw. Maybe not the best match, but the most evenly competative.

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And a little info off the MMSL site...

Tonights match has been moved from Saint Vital Memmorial to Maples CC. Same kickoff time. Smaller pitch. Calling Maples to pull this one off against Celtics. Thinking most everyone else is too.

Third Division leaders Lusitania FC collect a fine scalp from Winnipeg Croatia on the weight of a 2-nil victory. My, my, my. I can still hear the yelling and cursing coming from the Croatia side of the field. Well done Lusitania.

SOKOL-7 Dynamo-nil. No surprises.

Grant Mill Sword-1 Blue Blazers-nil. 1st Division side gets the goods on a close score line. Next year Blazers, that's a pretty good run all things considered.

Ital-Inter are into the final 8 as they defeat United Weston 4-2. Missed the match, not happy about it as I'm sure it was a pretty good contest.

Sons of Italy Lions took Hellas 3-nil. Little bit of pay back for knocking out last years version of the Lions from the MSA Cup. Lions never realy recovered from that defeat in 2003. Still took the league, but didn't look quite the same squad at all afterwards.

And there you have it. Round 4 coming.

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Looks like Maples Juventus have gone out on PKs. South End Celtics go to round 4 of the MSA Cup. Not bad for their 1st year in the Prem. Not bad at all. See if they can rally this last half of the season and miss the drop!

So final 8;

An undecided club from Brandon. Winnipeg Lucania, SOKOL, Lusitania FC, Grant Mill Sword, Sons of Italy Lions, Ital-Inter, and South End Celtics.

Couple of weeks off until the next cup action takes place if I remember correctly, though the 4th round draw will take place this week,so it's back to league play.

P.S. Caught Saturday's friendly between Lucania and the Minnesota Blast at St. Vital Memmorial. Good match on a perfect night for footie. Boni-vital has realy done some good work with Saint V. Memmorial. Could certainly afford to do some more but it's as good a park as you'll find in the city right now.

Lucania look as good as I can ever remember seeing them. Blast a realy organized, inventive team. Would be a nice addition to the MMSL! Move the ball nicely. Use all the field. Quick up front and inventive in the attack. Good contest all around, especially in the first half. 2nd half slowed down a little and got more direct as the legs started to let go. Got chippier too. But still finished off a great game.

Lucania-3 Blast-2

(Don't know that either team had anything left for Sunday. Had to work. Blast had a bench of 3, poor buggers, so I'll guess things went worse for them come Sunday).

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