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eye (TO)-Letter to the Ed. - We've Got Our Losers


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After being steamed for three weeks by the over-cooked media coverage of the European soccer championship, I almost choked when your newspaper jumped on this pot, too ("One net short," City, July 8 http://www.eye.net/eye/issue/issue_07.08.04/city/futbol.html). As a devoted soccer follower in a city starved of proper soccer coverage, it's frustrating to observe that almost everyone claims to eat, sleep and live soccer for four weeks every other year, only to forget about it until the next World or European Cup. No wonder Canada doesn't do so well in international soccer competition. If you choose to sample the upbeat attitude of Toronto's soccer fans despite the dismal result of their team, it would be much more productive if you visit the Etobicoke Centennial Park Stadium to cover that Toronto team most everyone seems glad to forget about. Forget about the non-exciting tournament being played in a land far away, and settle down in the lawn stands of the stadium to observe the many innovative ways the Toronto Lynx manage to snatch a defeat out of the jaws of victory.


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