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Lynx sign Brazilians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wednesday, July 21, 2004 (TORONTO, ON) – Coming off a fine overtime win over Calgary last Sunday, the Toronto Lynx announced the signing of two very talented Brazilian players to further enhance their push towards the playoffs. Vinicius Rabello Miguel Brito, a fine striker, joins the Lynx from Clube Athletico Jalesense of the Brazilian 3rd Division. His offensive flair and creativity coupled with superb passing and dribbling skills should complement brilliantly the strike force of Ali Gerba and John Barry Nusum. Brito provides added dimension to the Lynx attack with his ability to take players on and distribute the ball. “There is a very good atmosphere in Toronto and the soccer is getting much better in Canada,” said Brito through an interpreter. Having witnessed the Calgary match, he adds,” I saw the game on Sunday and enjoyed it very much. I want to be a part of the team and think that I can help the Lynx reach their goal of making the playoffs!” Brito is coming off a 2003 season with Jalesense that saw the team capture the Sao Paulo Cup.

Trailing the Richmond Kickers by 14 points as they enter the playoff stretch, the Lynx have also added another Brazilian, Marcio Gomes Domingos to the roster. Domingos is a very speedy wide player with the ability to dribble past a defender and create offense for the strikers. He spent the 2003 season with Clube Athletico Paranauay of the Brazilian 3rd Division and has also competed in Uruguay with Sportivo Cerrito. “This is a new market for soccer and a new experience for me which I am looking forward to,” said Domingos of the Canadian soccer scene through an interpreter. “The reason that I am here is to help the team win games and make the playoffs. Hopefully I can make a difference.”


With their new Brazilian imports on the roster, the Lynx will travel west to meet the Calgary Mustangs and Edmonton Aviators on Sunday, July 25th at 4:00pm (EST) and Monday, July 26th at 9:00pm (EST), respectively. Coming off an overtime loss in Toronto, the Mustangs, who are 2-2-3 at home this season compared to 0-9-0 on the road will be looking for some revenge. Midfielder, Mersut Mert, lived up to his billing as an up and coming star for the Mustangs with an assist, in an outstanding performance in Toronto. Unfortunately for the Mustangs, Lynx striker, Ali Gerba, continued his march toward a new Lynx scoring record by netting his 10th of the season, tying him for second in the A-League. The Lynx single season record of 13 goals was established by Francisco Dos Santos in 1999.

The Lynx will also play their first ever match against the expansion franchise, the Edmonton Aviators on Monday. The Aviators are finding the A-League tougher than anticipated and have struggled to a 2-8-6 record this inaugural season. Offensive force has been especially hard to come by for the Aviators who have scored only 9 goals in 16 games thus far. Nikki Vignjevic, a Serbian native, will be patrolling the Aviators midfield who will be no stranger to the Lynx having been on the Lynx roster from 1998 to 2003. During his time with the Lynx, Vignjevic scored 28 goals and recorded 25 assists over a 5-year period while this season has 1 goal and 2 assists for the Aviators thus far.

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quote: Well the A-league is 2nd division (after MLS)

Well yeah if you want to call MLS Canada's first division whic hit's not (moot point) but what the hell.

quote:o a Brazilian 3rd division player coming in isn't that much of stretch.

Really? You do realize that most top Brazillian players are playing elsewhere in the world so one can only assume that those that are remaining to play third division in Brazil are probably not the greatest.

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quote:Originally posted by SeanKeay

Magic had one great season... Non?

From the Lynx press release posted above:

"The Lynx single season record of 13 goals was established by Francisco Dos Santos in 1999."

Dos Santos then made his rounds in the CPSL. He started this season with North York and I assume he's still there.

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quote:Originally posted by Krammerhead

Yet still silly owners across the league will keep signing these players thinking fans will flock to games becasue there as some Brazilians (gasp) on the team.

Look at the title of this thread. Look at those exclamation marks.

It's obviously working.

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

These guys were sitting next to us in the stands during the Calgary match. They both looked like they were still in high school, though I'm betting early 20's.

I thought they were superfanz. :D

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Just like the book "Futebol - The Brazilian Way of Life"...some owners truly believe signing a couple of Brazilians will suddenly cause a stampede to the stadium.

At least Toronto isn't the Faroe Islands, like the players described in the above titled book.

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