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Jul 17 NJ Wildcats Pound Upstart Sudbury Canadians


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What may turn out to be the best team on the continent, the Wildcats put on a very entertaining show easily dominating the younger Sudbury Canadians 9-0.

Sands started the scoring at the 15 and 19 minute mark while Pichon kept up the attack scoring at the 22 mark followed by Mackinen at the 25th mark. Pichon connected with two more at the 38 and 53rd mark followed by Young and St. Lewis at the 63 and 79th minute mark. The Canadians Katie MacNamara faced 39 shots making 12 saves against New Jersey while the Wildcats were only required to make two saves.

Sudbury Canadians: General Manager Rino Boschetto

“This was a milestone event for Northern Ontario. The local fans were dazzled by the play of the Wildcats. With the many wows! and ahs! from the spectators, this was a real treat. One old gentleman even walked up to me a said that “real soccer” was finally back in Sudbury and that probably says it all.”

There was a time in Sudbury where soccer was the rage and local rivalries brought thousands of spectators out to watch but following the mid seventies the sport fell into a recreational limbo. But Saturday night the spark may just have been reignited

Sudbury Canadians: Head Coach Frank Malvaso

“I have seen a number of world cup games in person last year and the Wildcats are easily at this level. This may be the best club team in the world. I am not going to take anything away from the west coast teams because I have not seen them play but the match up between the Ottawa Fury and the Wildcats will likely be one of the best female contests this year.”

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