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St John's Stadium Upgrade, B'y !


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from pmannion on bigsoccer:

(How about this for a shock playoff venue in the hex, or better yet, against Saudi Arabia in Novemebr, 2005?[:P])


As for soccer in St. John's, there was good news in today's Evening Telegram:


In case the link doesn't work, it says that the City Council will contribute up to $500,000 to the re-development of King George V Stadium. The new stadium will have 6040 permanent seats, and improved lighting, dressingroom and medical facilities. I believe there will also be temporary seats available (like there are now) to increase the capacity. The stadium is designed to be capable of holding international matches.

Construction will hopefully begin in October, and be finished some time in 2005.

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quote:Originally posted by beachesl

Vancouver too warm Novemeber. Edmonton good. St. John's good. Sudbury better.

Really? I recall that same thinking the last round of WCQ when they moved a game that was supposed to be played at Swangard vs Mexico (I believe it was on Nov. 15) to Varsity stadium. Eventually the game was meaningless as Canada was already out of it but I found it funny when they kicked off in Toronto the graphic on the screen read 1C when in Vancouver it was -1C. In the end it was colder in Vancouver that night.

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