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Canada B v. Millwall webcast...


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The game will be broadcast on the internet through Millwall's official site, looks like it will cost a pound though, which is what.. $2.25?

Not a bad option if anyone is interested in providing live updates, or getting the updates live yourself... unfortunately it'll be 3:30am here and I'll be sleeping, but it could be a good tool for you folks in North America?

Here is the link.


You want to sign up for Lion's World.

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quote:Originally posted by JayWay

Can someone sign up and then just give us the password? Sean Keay and I (on different computers) once watched a webcast of a Liverpool-Marseille match off the LFC official site using just my password.

If you had typed that out a few minutes ago, I wouldn't have used one of my regular user names/passwords. I'm not sure I want to give that out to anyone, since I use it for other sites as well.

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