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"Stally" Update

Guest Ed

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Here's Paul Stalteri training last week with Werder Bremen in Norderney, an island in the North Sea. Their home game against Bayern Munich in early October is already sold out. Julian de Guzman and Hannover 96 are in Bremen in mid September.


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Knees up. Keep moving. Faster you lazy fu'ks!

Try doing a pitch length of "leap frog" against 20 other guys. Loosing teams doing laps afterwards. With some porker o-lineman as your partner to-boot.

"We gonna scrimmage today, Coach?"

"The only thing you Nancys will be doing is puking! Leg it, Girlfriend!"

Honestly, I don't miss that one bit.

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quote:Originally posted by marcl_19

God i do miss high school (american/canadian)football tho.......it was always a good laugh when you were on the winning team, wasnt it? ;)

Sadly only limited experience with winning part as the "Golden Suns" (you don't think the team name had anything to do with it?) were 1-22 during my three years of playing pointy ball :([xx(] 2X City Champs in the sport that matter however :)

The worst fitness practices for me were in rugby. Always at the end of the practice, the fitness portion would culminated with a "lines" (25-50-75-100) sprint relay where the loosing team would have to carry the winning team on their backs for two laps around the field. Lets just say we were all highly motivated to give 110%.

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You should have some pride in your Golden Suns now though Gordon. Pretty good program for the size of the school. And you know how much it pains me to say that. We still killed you lot in my senior year.

The Suns had nice new duds that season. Too bad they got them from the set of Ernest Goes To School. I'm not joking.

Who else played the wrong kind of football?



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