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Canada B vs Hearts match thread

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I fell into some money which I'm using to develop the best damn CIS football Web site in the country (which shouldn't be hard...), which an eye to eventually going to print. It's something I've been looking to do for years. I'm hoping to grow it to the point of profitability and maybe, eventually, expanding it to cover all CIS sport (an under served market).

Launch date is August 10ish....

I'm deep in the red, but, hell, there are lots of Maple Creek Newses out there that I can find work at down the road if I need to.

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Cool Media Guy. Much needed for sure. I'll keep my eyes peeled. We've got a few guys headed up to U of S and I'd like to keep tabs on them. Plus there's still a few guys I played with or against still inexplicably playing CIS ball at this advanced age.

Thanks codegoat, I haven't seen that in months. I watched it about 10 times in a row. I could watch that goal all day.



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well done lads!!!! a bunch of a-leaguers against scottish prem players? so north america is useless eh? i mean, look what a bunch of amateurs from vancouver did against fa cup finalists.

good way to start putting our names on the map. maybe next year we'll see the caps playing some of these euro clubs.

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The story from Hearts official site:

In front of a small crowd of around a thousand supporters Hearts were eventually held by Frank Yallop’s Canadian B side in the early hours of this morning. Despite opening the scoring, through Dennis Wyness, Josh Simpson plundered an injury-time equaliser.

Hearts struggled to adapt to the conditions in the first half. The pitch at the Swangard Stadium was hard, dry and bumpy and it did not aid any type of cohesive passing. As supporters would expect, Hearts looked a bit rusty, and accordingly they struggled to find their flow. Although Craig Levein’s side enjoyed plenty of possession, Canada B looked the more likely side, especially on the break. Indeed after fifteen minutes they hit the bar, as the visitors got an early fright.

Canada B started the stronger team in the second half and hit the side netting after fifty-three minutes. Despite this, the quality of Hearts finally shone through fourteen minutes into the second period, when Dennis Wyness scored the first goal of the pre-season.

However, during this excellent workout, Canada B were never out of the match, and Tepi Molianen had to look lively to avert a certain goal after seventy-six minutes. In the closing stages the home team also enjoyed a series of corners and although it was no surprise to see Canada score, there was a hint of offside about Simpson’s goal.

Hearts are back in action in the early hours of Thursday morning when they take on an all-star Pacific side.

Hearts: Molianen; Neilson, Pressley, Webster, McAllister (McKenna87); Stamp, Simmons (Janczyk, 66), Hartley, Hamill; De Vries (Pereira, 81), Wyness (Weir, 81). Subs not used: MacFarlane, Driver.

Canada B: Sutton; Pizzolito, Hughes (Peters), Menezes, Gervais, Serioux, Lemire (De Serpa), Mert (Valente), Occean, Biello, Simpson. Subs not used: Dunfield, Reda, Zagar.

Referee: Kevin Stott (USA)

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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

well done lads!!!! a bunch of a-leaguers against scottish prem players? so north america is useless eh? i mean, look what a bunch of amateurs from vancouver did against fa cup finalists.

good way to start putting our names on the map. maybe next year we'll see the caps playing some of these euro clubs.

Canada was the better side on the night.They dominated the first 15 min.Could of been 2 nil early.Occean hit the bar.Canada showed more flair in attack.Josh Simpson was the man of the match not only for his goal but his running at Hearts defenders and beating them down the left side.His goal was a tap in of a Dunfield square pass.I think it was Alfredo who threaded the needle to Dunfield and Josh burried the ball in the top of the net from 3 yards.Honorable mention to Serioux.He lookes most likely to crack the A team.Occean had a tough time in the 2nd half.Should have had a couple tonight.Tyler Hughs is a solid defender.Not sure of his age but looks calm and collected like a Veteren.Lemire and De Serpa looked dangerous as well,giving fits to defenders one on one.Menezes played OK.Good positioning but missed on some easy pass attempts.

The game lacked a lot of spirit.The crowd was quite bad.Maybe 2000 at most.10 or so Southsiders giving the Hearts goalie a hard time otherwise it was a mourge.(sp)

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I think there was at least 2000 there. No promotion whatsoever, I mentioned at the game I could promote it better by printing up flyers and plastering them everywhere. Footy mentioned that the only advertisment if the games are stuck in shop windows, where people usually advertise their lost cats, or need of a roomate.

Got to the stadium at 6 and was dismayed to find out that even though the tickets said gates open a 6pm that they didn't until 6.35. Further dismayed after getting inside the stadium that the southside was fenced off. So there were 10 or so southsiders that were even south of the southside (so there are no useful photos of tonights game). We set up with numerous large Canadian flags so at least we had presence. Other southsiders decided to sit in the designated seats considering there was no alternative.

It was a morgue unless you were where we were. A bunch of Hearts hardcore set themselves up 50 feet to our right. They started in with the anti-Canada stuff, and we started in with the anti-Scottish stuff and lots of angry banter and chants were aimed in both directions. Our material was a lot better than theres. Eventually the police came (all two of them) and being good homers they went and had a word with the Hearts fellows, taking ones name. During the second half they moved over to the other side of the stadium. After Hearts scored their rowdiest one ran all the way around the track (nearly killing himself in the process) and started in with his "Whitecaps Boys" comments. Realizing that Canadians can give it as good as they can (and that he was now outnumbered) he then stopped and had a good chat and all was good.

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Good to see ya VF!! I had a good time, especially yelling insults at Hearts. Got a few laughs at my "MULLET" and "Go back to Glasgow" yells. Tony politely acknowledged my area of the stands when he went off after we gave hima big "Welcome Back". It was nice to see him back.

Crowd: 2200 according to Sportspage

Sutton- nothing really much to say- played very few touches of any significance

Menezes- looked fine I thought. I was a little bit more impressed than VF by his play at the back. Still like him over Watson for sure. Looked in fine shape to me- still as thin as ever.

Pizzolito Gervias and Hughes looked decent back there but won't be stealing any spots from anybody

Serioux impressed me with his passing, challenges, and with his throw-ins (he can thow it widthwise nearly all the way across Swangard's pitch).

Mert- ran around a lot and provided some offense but just too small and weak on the ball to be a serious consdieration

Occean- very impressive first off, trailed off in the second after taking a knock late in the second. A lot of natural ability and very athletic, powerful, and a great touch that had him nail one off the bar.

Biello- all right, but nothing special. played very defenselively, too defenseively in my mind, moving the ball back to defenders instead of creating something special.

Simpson-fast, nice runs, will be somebody to watch over the next two years. Had a great cheering section in the crowd that was probably the best story of the night

Valente and De Serpa looked fast and played like they wanted to prove something

Dunfield- DID play, was a late sub and unselfishly passed off the only goal for Canada. Will be nice to see him play closer to 90 on Wednesday.

Reda- DID play- nothing much to say- he played only a short time after coming on for Menezes (??)

Lemire- melted into the crowd- didn't stand out in my mind at least

Pretty quiet night- will hopefully be louder and faster against Millwall.

Hearts were fairly rubbish considering they were the team that plays together regularly and have a season coming up soon. At least there were excuses for Canada's mostly lacklustre play.

I think McKenna looked like he was nursing something when he was warming up. Played only a few minutes and the Hearts coach took a ribbing for it, but I do suspect something there.

What Voyageurs are going to Millwall?

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