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Hello All,

I was wondering who was interested in Edmonton Hotel Accomodation for the upcoming qualifier. I have a list of all the hotels in the Downtown Edmonton area and will be contacting the Sales Managers for these properties in the upcomming week to see which will give us the best deal.

I need a rough idea of how many rooms we will require so that I can get them to give us a good deal. Who is interested in staying as a group in one specific Edmonton hotel? What type of room (1 Bed or 2 Bed)? I will need 3 rooms with 2 beds most likely.

I am not looking for a commitment here, just looking for a rough number. Thanks in advance,

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I think I'll be there a few days and there will be at least two and us many as four. We may not need lodging though. It's still too far away to tell and if I do wind up going to Vancouver we won't be in Edmonton for more than a day or two. If I don't go to Van, I'll probably stay in Edmonton longer.



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