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Interesting MNT Development Camp NOTES

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Frank Yallop was able to make a few comments on some of the names both included and excluded from the July development series. Very interesting.

As for players not at the camp:

Rhian Dodds - Not released by Kilmarnock

Felix Brilliant - schedule conflict with club

Xausa - Improving with the Whitecaps and not quite there.

Nash - Seen many times, Yallop knows about him, and is comfortable with Nash.

Corazzin - Injured for past 2 weeks, not fit.

Sulentic - seen many times, and right on the cusp.

Yallop felt that there were a few guys who he had never seen and whom he would like to see, or who had been playing well, such as Biello in Montreal. Peters was at a San Jose camp last year, and Yallop really liked him there. Yallop thinks that Lemire has good potential as well. Menezes was tracked down after several phone calls to Brazil, and Yallop is very pleased to get him into camp.

Incidentally, first training is at SFU in Burnbay BC on Saturday at 4:00 pm. Hopefully, there will be more notes forthcoming!


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