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Hondurans Organise For Commonwealth Visit


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Went to the Honduran supporters website for a boo:


Article from Front Page:

"Thursday, July 8, 2005

Edmonton, Will be Host of Canada-Honduras

Vancouver- The Canadian Soccer Association made official last Tuesday that the 18th of August match, that marks the beginning of the second qualifying phase, against Guatemala, will be held in this city.

However, the Honduran match will the 9 of September [sic], in Edmonton.

Their third home encounter of the series will be against Costa Rica, the 13 of October, the site of which has not been determined. It is presumed, that will be in Ontario [?????], where Canada had both matches against Bélize. The National Team, that is managed by the ex-international defensive back Frank Yallop, will train the last two weeks of July in Fort Lauderdale [?????], Florida, before facing Guatemala.

The manager of Canada confirmed his team of assistants, his former international teamates the ex-striker Dale Mitchell, as his technical assistant, and Paul Dolan as trainer of the goalkeepers."

Hmmm, as I said before, anything coming from Central America is highly unreliable. They may have mistranslated my article!:D

The forum is not that well used, mainly for domestic league discussion, and the few posts on the National team section is understandably obsessed witht he vacancy caused by Bora's departure. I'll keep you posted of any belligerant chatter when it occurs.

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