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Any Computer wizards out there?


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Okay , it's not that important . Me and Mr. Moosehead are talking again! This started with the wife ( domestic minister of finance ) wondering why we spell cooperate that way instead of the way we were taught in school ......co-operative or cöoperative.

It's all her fault............honest.

So I went into windows and changed the language settings.

Where did the uhmlat in the English language go ?

5 weeks vaction time in a row rocks. Never thought I'd live that long ;) Day 1 1/2

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quote:Originally posted by Jarrek

I found one, now what ? :D


Do , you suppose he knows where I can find a diagram of the keyboard changes . Canadian Multi-Lingual uses different keys .

(arghster, humbly looks for his pipe , after taking well deserved shots. He sits quietly contemplating the fuzz in his navel )[:o)]

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