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WCQs and players' club fixtures

Guest Jeffery S.

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Guest Jeffery S.

Been looking at how we will be affected by club fixtures in and around the first three WCQs:


Everton (Radz) away to Pars and Norwich (Brennan) to ManUtd on the 21st. They play the previous weekend (14th) as well. Tough travel both ways in and out of Vancouver.

Both play on Sept 11th as well, though the previous match is the 28th, so the lead-in time is better.


QPR (Bircham) hosts Derby (Pesch) on the 21st, Ipswich (De Vos) home to Cardiff.

All play on the 11th of Sept as well. But the previous match is scheduled for the Monday, Aug. 30. Less travel time in.

League One

Tranmere (Hume) play on the 21st, previous match the 14th. Also have a match vs Oldham on the 4th-5th, interferes with us.


Hearts (McKenna) host Kili on the 21st, play previously the 14th. Later they host Rangers on Sept 11, play previously the 28th.

Sweden Allsvenskan

Helsingborgs host Hammarby the 15th (v. tight travel!) but play after the 18th WCQer on the 23rd, more margin going back. After the Sept set of WCQs play on the 13th. Have to go back to look for Ademolu, but would be similar.

Norway Premier

Odd (Occean) play on the 8th of August then off until the 22nd. Probably a Cup date in there, but they are out. Play the 29th and are back again the 12th of Sept. Occean has a good schedule for us to think about him as an alternate to Hume if we don't want to push Tranmere.

Norway 1st Div

Moss (Bernier, (Friend?)) and Haugesund (Pozniak) play on the 11th of August (good lead time for a call-up), after on the 22nd. There is a match for both on the 5th of Sept that coincides with Edmonton. Then another on the 12th.

This is all I've done so far. Definitely seems that for many of our players the travel from Europe will be tougher than Guatemala's for the Vancouver date. The early Sept dates give us more margin for travel and leeway with clubs. Though I wonder if Yallop insisting on night games has to do with allowing more time to adjust. Clear conflicts from recently called players: Hume, Bernier; plus Pozniak, not released for the last set of games.

To check out still: Bundesleaguers, Imhof, Klukowski, Jazic, plus the MLSers and Watson. Pending a team: Lars. Anyone want to help?

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Jazic's team plays Dynamo Moscow in Moscow on 15th of August and then on the 22nd. The second match works out better as they are playing at home on Aug. 29th and then have a break until the 12th of September. The time difference with Vancouver will be big but at least it is always much easier flying west than it is flying east.

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To qualify for the WC, a concacaf player can potentially be absent from his european club for the following number of games over the next two years:

1) six games for the semifinal round. Plus ten game from the hex. For a total 16 matches.

2) If concacaf were to modify the WCQ process and compress the two rounds in to one over a two year span. You could have two groups of six teams playing 10 match whereby the winners of each group go to germany and runners up playoff for the third spot.

3) total number of matches would be reduced drastically. Most teams would play 10 games instead of the potential of playing 16 if you reach the hex. The third qualifying team will have played 12 games and the one side who ends up playing the half spot would have played a a total 14 games.

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Onstad and DeRosario - San Jose and Brillant - New England (I guess he has an outside chance, he starts regularly)

Aug. 14 SJ vs. KC, NE vs. DC

Aug. 21 KC vs. NE, Dallas vs. SJ

Aug. 28 DC vs. NE, Colorado vs. SJ

Sep. 4 SJ vs. NE

Sep. 8 Columbus vs. SJ

Sep. 11 NE vs. NY/NJ, SJ vs. LA

-the MLS teams tend not to be hard as.ses about losing internationals, so the conflicts don't really matter


Watson - Charleston

Aug. 13 Rochester vs. Charleston

Aug. 20 Charleston vs. Virginia Beach

Aug. 29 Toronto vs. Charleston

I believe the playoffs begin after this match. I didn't add any Canadian-based A-leaguers because I'm not sure who Yallop would call.

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Radzinski may miss opener

Everton striker Tomasz Radzinski could miss the opening game of the season due to international commitments.

The Toffees play champions Arsenal on 14 August but Radzinski may be required for Canada duty.

Canada are due to play Guatemala on 18 August in a World Cup qualifier. Under FIFA rules clubs must release their players five days before.

Neither party has yet been in contact but Moyes will be keen for Radzinski to play, with Wayne Rooney out injured.

The 30-year-old Radzinski had a transfer request rejected earlier this month. He was unhappy about being offered only a one-year extension on his deal.

He joined Everton three years ago from Anderlecht for £4.5m and had attracted interest from Fulham, Blackburn and Portsmouth.

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