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AP: Grenada Coach Harassed After Loss to US

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Grenada coach says fans harassed him after loss to U.S.

June 24, 2004

ST. GEORGE'S, Grenada (AP) -- Grenada's national soccer coach says he was harassed by fans after his team's 3-2 loss to the United States during a World Cup qualifying game.

Ali Debellotte said Thursday about a half dozen Grenadian fans surrounded him following Sunday's game, shouting at him and pointing fingers in his face. The coach was not injured.

``They shouted that Grenada is the worst team in the world,'' said Debellotte, who was whisked away by a group of fans who supported him.


Grenada is ranked No. 138 in the world; the United States is No. 9.

``When you look at the team's performance and the result you have to agree that they did very, very well playing against a great team like the United States,'' Debellotte said. ``It's really not worth it to be abused by people in this kind of way.''

Elliot McGuire, president of the Grenada Football Association, said he could not comment until Debellotte filed a written report about it. Debellotte has been Grenada's coach since 2002.

The United States won its two games against Grenada, 6-2 in total goals, and advanced to the semifinals of its regional qualifying group. Grenada has never played in the World Cup.

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quote:Originally posted by Joe Concacaf

Tough town!

Geez, I was shocked they only lost 6-2 on aggregate.

No joke ! It was a loss for Grenada, but they sure garnered a lot of respect for their spirited fighting play. If nothing else, it was a moral victory for the islanders.

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