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Great Soccer-Related Nigerian Scam Mail

Guest Jeffery S.

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Guest Jeffery S.

I have been saving these West African or "419" e-mail scam mails for a while, but today I got a great one I have to share with you all. Still laughing my head off.

I am not going to put the return e-mail in as I don't want to be blamed by some Voyageur actually answering and giving away a bank acct. no.

Here it goes:


Writing this mail to you has become a matter of urgent neccessity.

My name is CHIEF TAIWO OGUNJOBI,The Secretary -General of Nigeria Football

Association (NFA).

I got your contact out of desperation from an email directory.

Our Nation`s female football team is preparing for the Athens Olympic Games

taking place in Greece.

I have been mandated as the Secretary to Football Association in Nigeria

to look for a conducive hotel in your country where the team and it`s officials

can lodge for a period of four weeks before finally moving to Greece.

Your country has been picked because it closer to Greece and also for the

team to acclimatized.

I am interested in your hotel as a base for this team.As a matter of urgency,

please forward to my box the total expenses which will cover 20 ROOMS:

(1) double beds=11RM (2) single bed=9RM. This expenses should exclude


Finally,your urgent respond to this matter will be highly appreciated.

Get back to me through my alternative email : p....3@yahoo.co.uk

Yours faithfully,


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I was wondering about the 'closer to Greece' part until I noticed you are in Barcelona. That being said, I don't think this is a 419 scam as it doesn't seem to be asking for you to give bank account numbers. It is still fishy though, why would an official of the Nigerian Football Association have a Yahoo e-mail address. Also, in such a situation, the Nigerian FA would probably contact the Spanish FA to help with such logistics.

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I actually got the same message as well ... sent through the 'contact me' form at Go Big Red!! .. I just scanned it and didn't read it (I've read it now since you posted it) and I must give the guy credit at least for "finding" the right ppl to contact ... i guess? lol


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