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Sudbury Canadians Mid-Year Update


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We are now past the halfway mark in our first season in the W League and we want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have e-mailed us with their questions. Things have been very busy for us and needless to say we have focused our attention on getting our first win.

We wanted to take this opportunity to briefly answer some of your many questions.

We are sorry for the lack of detail but a quick short response is only way we can address some of your many questions.

1. The average age of our starting line up in the last two home games was 17.8 years of age.

2. The players are not discouraged by their current results. Playing some of Canada’s top female players has actually served to be a great motivator.

3. The Canadians plans for the future are to continue with their five year plan to inspire and encourage the development of Northern Ontario female soccer players.

4. The largest crowd we have had to date is about 250, while paid attendance, through sponsorships is about 420. We have been adding sponsors weekly and like the steady progress that is being made in this area. Too bad the season isn’t longer!

5. There are no plans for a PDL team in the Mid –North. The Chill is doing a great job in the far North.

6. No! Thunder Bay is not close to Sudbury and is situated about 900 kilometers away compared to Toronto which is 400 kilometers away from Sudbury.

7. Yes! Sudbury, North Bay and SSM are about five times bigger than Thunder Bay. Sudbury is the biggest city in Northern Ontario.

8. Yes we love it. You can only get better by playing the best and the “W” is the very best!

9. Media coverage has been great. MCTV (Northern Ontario) has all of our game highlights. CTV affiliates have been broadcasting game highlights between Sudbury and Montreal. Not sure of other CTV affiliates in other W league cities but the CTV network can be used to obtain highlights.

10. MCTV is undertaking a feature on the Canadians – “on the road” – for this weekend game against the Inferno – TV crew will travel with Club.

Thank you again for all your kind words and keep sending your questions.

The Sudbury Canadians website has now received hits from 23 different countries.


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