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June 21 - Edmonton vs. Vancouver


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Halftime 0-0, Aviators playing absolutely terrible, lifeless. All the action in the Edmonton end, near the grassy knoll just outside the chainlink fence, where I'm watching it (home for a snack). all the action in my end, so good "seat". Campi is keeping them in the game, no other Edmonton players playing, Chin and Lemire missing their usual spark. Vancouver (didn't catch name of player) missed penalty kick (defender elbowed Vancouver forward in box, yellow card), struck upper right crossbar near corner (campi had it traced anyway, his hand was just under ball). Relentless Vancouver attack, multi shots on goal and corner kicks, no shots on goal by Av's, just one corner kick for Av's.

Windy, rain threatening.

Attendance; 400 at kickoff, 800 at half-time. Many walked away thinking the $10 reduction still in effect, heard mutterings from season ticket holders about fact that hard backless benches and no jumbotron. Rumours that the move to Clarke will be made permanent from reliable sources.

Back to the game, see if the Av's get lucky!

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Full-time: Edmonton 0 - Vancouver 1, 84' (Xausa?)

Whew, very close to being another overtime. Game finished at almost 8:00 exactly.

Both sides reduced to ten men around the hour. This put some spark in Edmonton who finally registered a shot on goal at 64' when Fraser made a fine run down the left, and just shot inside the box, hard, saved (could have gone in further, but elected to shoot). Next Edmonton shot at 72' by Lemire, and a final excellent shot by a midfielder of Av's at about 82'. Edmonton did get about 3 corner kicks after the hour. Vancouver still dominated, and it finally paid off when a short angled shot finally beat Campi at 84' (I think it was Xausa, but the public address system could not be heard properly outside the grandstand). Chin perked up real fine after the hour too.

You know you are watching soccer in Canada when the scoreboard clock stops at 2 minutes to play, and the scorekeeper forgets to restart the clock. Add about 2 " extra time to that.

The rain held off (just a few drops), and the sun broke thro at the end.

By the way, i officially take credit for the missed penalty kick in the first half. I was only about 20 yards away from the Whitecap kicker, and totally distacted him with my dysfuntional yells, you could tell by his flittering eyes. (strobe_z will attest to how loud I can holler).

Altho' the benches looked uncomfortable, have to say that I liked the convivial atmosphere of the kids and families walking around the running track like a promenade. The temporary bleachers on the east side were right on the track, so they got a real good view of the action. Soccer Steve was so put off by the lousy PA system, he was mercifully quiet for once.

Too tired to go back for the women's match against one of those Colorado teams.

-The Lone Gunman:D

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Not a good performance. Vignevic, Salinas and Bosch were awful, Lemire and Chin worked hard but had zero awareness of Fraser repeatedly trying to run into open space (the only person bothering to do so). The team has lots of individual skill but absolutely no tactical acumen. They move the ball well in short spaces, but hardly ever look down the wings, even though in terms of beating men on the dribble, Fraser and Chin are by far their biggest assets (although both are defensive liabilities, the former is getting better weekly.) They're first to the ball, but are never supported by someone to receive the quick pass, head or chest.

In the second half, with both sides at 10 men, the Aviators actually looked dangerous, occasionally, although they seem absolutely dead set of never actually taking a chance at a through ball or a pass over the top. Sheesh. How the f...ck do these guys ever expect to score if they don't get the ball into the box from something other than set pieces. Woeful, woeful f....king peformances, with the exceptions of Campi, Handsor and Fraser. (although it should be noted that if vancouver's keeper hadn't made a fantastic save near the end, it would've been 1-1).

The park was alright. The seats SERIOUSLy should have been discounted, what with the hard wooden benches and limited sight lines (both in terms of viewing from near-field level and having railings that literally cut off my view.)

I'd say the crowd was, by the end of the game, substantially larger than 800. They had seating set up for around 2900, I understand, and it was about 80% full, so I figure it at around 2,300) But I think a lot of that was people showing up later for the women's game. Those 6 p.m. starts are killers, as I only just made it. The crowd literally doubled between half-time and game's end.

Clarke would be alright if they'd just surround if with full-size, proper bleachers, like the main grandstand. You'd be looking at somewhere in the neigbourhood of 7,000 if you fully surround it (three and a blocks like the current main grandstand on each side and one on each end) and it would be way more accomodating than Commonwealth. It was kinda nice being so close to people you didn't know that you ended up talking about the game and the team with them.

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From The Edmonton Sun:

Tue, June 22, 2004

Ugly to uglier


The beat -make that the beatings - go on. And from the point of view of Chris Handsor, the long-awaited first win for the Edmonton Aviators may be something still a long time in the making.

Second-half substitute Davide Xausa beat Jose Luis Campi with a quick flick in the 84th minute to spoil the Aviators' ongoing quest for Win No. 1 as the Vancouver Whitecaps earned a 1-0 victory last night in A-League action in front of 2,044 spectators at Clarke Park.

The win was the second for the Whitecaps (6-4-1) in their last four games, which included a home loss to Montreal and Friday's defeat in Calgary.

Handsor, who'd seen friend Rick Titus booted from the club two weeks ago, called out his teammates after another disappointing setback for the last-place team in the Western Conference (0-4-5).

"To be brutally honest, I don't think we can win," said Handsor. "It just does not show on the field, off the field, in the locker room that we can win as a team. As individuals it shows a lot on the field, but as a team on the field it doesn't.

"The bottom line is we're not scoring goals and we're not winning. You could pick and choose a million different things but it's not going to solve anything."

Handsor will try to make his point behind closed doors to particular players worthy of being singled out. A complete demolition and rebuilding isn't necessary, he suggested, but certain areas need to be revamped quickly before the year turns completely ugly.

"We need to work as a team but I think a lot of guys need to realize that, 'You know what? You're not as good as you think you are, you're not the only guy on the field and you're not the only guy on the team,'" said Handsor.

"It takes a team effort to win, not one person. We've got to work as a team and until we establish that we're going to lose games by one goal and we're going to tie games - we're not going to win.

"When I look at people's faces on this team, they're satisfied with it and that's a problem."

Goal-scoring is certainly an area of huge concern for the Aviators, who escaped from a dreadful first half dominated by Vancouver. The Whitecaps best chance was a penalty kick in the 36th minute for Oliver Heald, but his shot rang off the crossbar.

Trying to add some physical presence up front, head coach Ross Ongaro used defender Chris Devlin as a halftime substitute at forward, but the experiment lasted all of 12 minutes. Devlin earned a yellow card for a run-in with Nico Craveiro and was tossed out for a hard takeout on Nick Dasovic. The Aviators weren't shorthanded for long as just three minutes later Jason Jordan was red-carded.

With the teams playing 10 men each, the Aviators' speed up front created a few anxious moments for the Whitecaps defenders. Sean Fraser legged out a ball down the wing and had Chris Lemire all alone in front but the well-aimed cross was smartly snared by Vancouver 'keeper Alexandre Marques. The Aviators had two more chances in extra time with Kurt Bosch missing a flick by the near post and Claudio Salinas forcing Marques into making a save with a rocket from inside the 18-yard box.

"I thought we played well enough, but you've still got to put the ball in the net," said Aviators head coach Ross Ongaro.

"Somebody has to step up and right now to say 'I got it.'''

LADIES: In the W-League nightcap, the Aviators (4-4-1) defeated Fort Collins Force (1-3-3) 4-1 behind a pair of goals from Aysha Jamani.

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quote:Originally posted by Kicked

I don't follow the Vancouver Roster too carefully... I was expecting to see Paul Dailly at the game. Didn't he used to be the captain? What's he doin' now?

Paul Dailly has retired from playing with the Whitecaps. I believe he is a coach at Capilano College.

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quote:Originally posted by larnicent

Paul Dailly has retired from playing with the Whitecaps. I believe he is a coach at Capilano College.

Paul Dailly is playing for B.C.champions Pegasus of the VML.I believe they'll play in St.Johns for the national championship in October.

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