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Greece goes through , Spain goes home


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quote:Originally posted by argh1

Ugh ....... what can I say !

Who would of thought?

NOt me, but I'm not complaining (my quarterfinal ticket featuring the winner of group A looks like gold right now ... England-Porugal???). I thought Spain was the best team in the tournament through the first 2 games. People have been saying Greece look so superb, but I haven't seen that at all. Lucky more than anything I think. I wasn't surprised to see them get smoked by Russia's B-team.

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Wow, amacpher, howya enjoying the party? Are you the guy that brought the Maple leaf flag into the stands, and the big square in Lisbon?

Spain are sort of like the Toronto Maple Leafs of soccer. Lots of promise, but they lack the cajones to finish in major competitions.

Sort of predictable, like the Germans doing better than expected each time (I'm hoping that the Czechs will care enough to put an end to that tradition).

My theory is that the various "Spanish" would play better if they divided up into 4 or 5 national regions, like Britain- they would be more cohesive as teams.

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