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Voyageurs Cup Match 6: Montreal vs. Toronto [R]


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<center>Voyageurs Cup 2004

Match 6Montreal Impact vs. Toronto LynxSunday, June 20, 2004 - 4:00 PM EDT

Claude-Robillard Sports Complex, MontrealAudio Webcasts:   English - CJAD 800 AM Montreal    French - CKAC 730 AM Montreal

Text updates:   Impact Web site</center>

Match Previews


   » VC:   3-1-0  8-1  10  /  A-League:  8-2-0  19-2  26

   » Impact media release


   » VC:  0-0-1  0-2  0  /  A-League:  4-0-7  15-23  12

   » Lynx media release (through a-league.com)

Voyageurs Cup

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quote:Originally posted by big fan

Is Budalic not playing?

Budalic was transferred to a Norwegian team. Click on the "Impact media release" link above, or see the thread in the national teams section.
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Match has kicked off...


Starters: G.Sutton, G.Gervais, N.Pizzolitto, M.Vincello, L.Barker, S.Grande, Z.Roberto, C.Williams, J.Bailey, A.Ribeiro, F.Commodore

Subs: A.Hainault, P.Leduc, K.Selaidopoulos, M.Biello, E.Sebrango, D.Kolic, A.Olivieri


Starters: B.Hancock, A.Serioux, T.Hughes, J.Dodds, D.Baxter, A.Gerber [sic], C.Gbeke, R.Titus, J.Mattachione, E.Bartolomeu, R.Muntali

Subs: I.Prostran, R.Goddard, A.Arango, L.Blois, A.Steele, D.DiPlacido

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