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Voyageurs Cup Match 5: Calgary vs. Vancouver [R]


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<center>Voyageurs Cup 2004

Match 5Calgary Mustangs vs. Vancouver WhitecapsFriday, June 18, 2004 - 7:00 PM MDT

McMahon Stadium, Calgary</center>

Match Previews


   » VC:  0-0-1  0-2  0  /  A-League:  1-2-7  7-20  5

   » Murray Rauw, Calgary Herald - posted below


   » VC:  0-0-1  0-3  0  /  A-League:  5-1-3  11-11  16


Voyageurs Cup

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From the Calgary Herald through the Calgary Mustangs:

Mustangs hope to salvage season

Time is obviously a factor, but Calgary Mustangs midfielder Jordan

Gillespie begs for any doomsday messages to be put in storage.

Murray Rauw

Calgary Herald

Friday, June 18, 2004

While the Mustangs' 1-7-2 start to soccer's A-League season isn't what Gillespie had expected, he stressed the fact his club hasn't been outclassed in seven of those 10 games is a positive sign.

"It feels like we're getting better every game," said the 22-year-old Gillespie, a recruit from Saskatoon who has been playing in Calgary since the former Storm's days in the Premier Development League.

"In a way, it has been discouraging, but we've seen the progress. It's just a matter of climbing that hill and getting the wins. It's not that we're being outplayed, but teams are capitalizing on our mistakes."

The next test comes tonight, when the Vancouver Whitecaps bring their 5-3-1 record to McMahon Stadium for a 7 p.m. game.

"If we can beat Vancouver, then we play our next two against Edmonton (June 25 and 28). That's nine points right there," said Gillespie.

"It's not unrealistic to think we can still make the playoffs. We are pushing and hitting crossbars and posts."

The Mustangs gave the Whitecaps all they could handle when the Vancouverites were here on May 22.

Edmonton sports an 0-3-5 mark.

As a team, the Mustangs have just three goals to their credit.

"It comes down to 'What do leave the field with?' If you leave the field with the most goals, then you win the game," said midfielder Damir Jesic, who has one goal this season along with four posts or crossbars.

Jesic and Gillespie haven't felt the urgency of winning from a business standpoint, despite the sparse crowds.

"The owners have said they recognize it's a building process," said Gillespie. "They've said they're going to stick with it and that makes it easier on the player to concentrate.

"But the pressure is on us to perform -- that comes with being a professional."

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Storm, Mustangs or no-namers, after 13 straight losses this is Calgary's first-ever win --- indeed, first-ever points! --- in the Voyageurs Cup.

From The Calgary Sun:

Striker stings 'Caps


Get to the net and good things will happen. That's exactly the strategy the Calgary Mustangs employed as they beat the visiting Vancouver Whitecaps 3-0 in front of 1,800 at McMahon Stadium last night.

Calgary striker Conrad Smith was the difference as he scored twice to lift the home side to only its second victory of the season.

Frustrated by his lack of scoring this season, Smith made the most of his opportunities last night.

"I knew that if I got more chances I could be more help to this team," said Smith, who missed a penalty kick the last time Vancouver visited McMahon.

"I came into this one more mentally focused and I got the right connections from my teammates. The coach said I could be more help if I made myself available in front and I had good players with me, which makes it easier to score. Today's game is going to help this team mould together."

The Mustangs opened the scoring in the 18th minute when Smith headed in a cross from Sergei Kolomiets-Raad.

Kolomiets-Raad, who hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, caught up to a deep ball inside Vancouver's box. A quick burst of speed allowed the speedy midfielder to move around the Whitecaps defender and place the cross into the middle of the crease, where Smith was waiting to head it past a sprawling Alex Marques.

After that it was all Mustangs. The local side seemed to gain some offensive confidence with the opening marker and managed to keep the pressure on. Eventually, the tenacity paid off.

With less than 10 minutes left in the half, Smith struck again.

This time the pass came from Dutch captain Geert Brusselers, who made a couple of nifty moves inside the box, which freed him to sift a short pass to Smith.

The striker from Trinidad, who holds the distinction of scoring the franchise's first cap, booted a hard shot that Marques got a piece of but couldn't stop.

But the 'Stangs weren't done there.

With the seconds ticking down in the first half, Calgary made it 3-0 with a play reminiscent of the opening goal. This time, however, a Kolomiets-Raad pass across the box never left the turf but wound up on the foot of Mesut Mert. Mert patiently waited out the 'Caps netminder and placed a low shot just inside the post.

"We knew we had to be more solid in the midfield," said GM-head coach Thomas Niendorf. "This allowed us to put more balls over Vancouver's defence and get some of our strikers into position. The goals allowed some of the pressure to be taken off the defence, which made everyone play with more confidence."

Upset by their first-half performance, the 'Caps came out with some more energy and some new bodies. Although under fire from a more inspired West Coast squad, Calgary didn't allow any point-blank chances.

Mustangs 'keeper Lutz Pfannenstiel earned his first shutout of the season.

Calgary moves to 2-7-2 after the win, while Vancouver falls to 5-4-1.

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Guest Jeffery S.

Well-written article, proves that there are some decent soccer journalists out there who can do the job with intelligence.

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Wonder how much the rock hard plastic played a part in this match?

Wonder if the Mustangs are going to find a way to use the fast carpet for a massive home field advantage before they miss the playoffs?

Looks like Montreal is well on their way to another V-Cup. Who'd have guessed?

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quote:Originally posted by Cheeta

Wonder how much the rock hard plastic played a part in this match?

Wonder if the Mustangs are going to find a way to use the fast carpet for a massive home field advantage before they miss the playoffs?

Looks like Montreal is well on their way to another V-Cup. Who'd have guessed?

Think Vancouver came in taking the match too lightly. Subbed IN a good portion of their first string at the half but could never really get back in the game. Calgary also just looked like they wanted this one more. Lots of jump in their game that Vancouver was just lacking.

As for Montreal, after watching them play the 'Stangs earlier this year, I'd have started looking at getting their name engraved on the Cup.

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