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Some Belize Photos


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Man that was soooo cool meeting the players and Jarrek we did chant TOMEK (clap clap clap) Tomek (clap clap clap)and he gave us the thumbs up and smiled. Sean had teh bears ready and we were waiting for birch :0 as soon as he came out ( with a video camera) SEAN was like WHOOOO!!!! then he gave him a beer and and is liek would u like one and birch is liek (insert englih accent) of course mate then he took a swing and said again (insert english accent) "This is goood ****" hahahah man it was awsome. Stalterri is a class guy so is Radz YAllop said they have two games in the works (friendlies ???) and the venues are unanounced they gotta come back to ONTARIO. We even chanted that :) By the way the drum you guys heard on tv was not a drum

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