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TVO television Studio 2 guest Dick Howard

Rocket Robin

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Monday night June 14, 2004

short notice but at 8:00pm and repeated at 11:30 on Ontario's TVO network (old channel 19, cable 2) has their Studio 2 program.

Guest is soccer commentator Dick Howard. I saw a promo for it with questions like 'will soccer ever succeed in North America?' with footage of MLS.

This might be a rerun but I'll check out the 11:30pm rebroadcast.

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

And the worst question of month award goes to the interviewer who asked Dick Howard why it was that "Costa Rica, Grenada and Haiti routinely whip Canada and the US in soccer".

This is why I do my very best to avoid viewing soccer interviews on non-sports networks. [xx(]

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