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Voyageurs Cup Match 3: Calgary vs. Montreal [R]


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<center>Voyageurs Cup 2004

Match 3Calgary Mustangs vs. Montreal ImpactSunday, June 13, 2004 - 2:00 PM MDT

McMahon Stadium, CalgaryText updates: Impact Web site</center>

Match Previews


   » VC:  0-0-0  0-0  0  /  A-League:  1-2-6  7-18  9


   » VC:  2-0-0  5-0  6  /  A-League:  7-1-0  16-1  22

   » Impact media release


Voyageurs Cup

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The PK call was a bit soft but the goal by Commodore was a well taken header on a cross from the right by DiTullio, if I'm not mistaken. Montreal looked very strong; you can tell they've played a lot of games together.

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From the Calgary Sun:

Mon, June 14, 2004

Lacking offence

Undefeated Montreal side stops Calgary's attack as they pick up shutout win


A failure to generate any good scoring chances was the Calgary Mustangs' downfall yesterday as they were shutout 2-0 against the Montreal Impact. The Impact, who sit atop the A-League standings with a undefeated 8-0-1 record, played very stingy defence, while taking advantage of their offensive chances.

Calgary's inability to penetrate became a source of frustration for the young team in the final 10 minutes of yesterday's match at McMahon Stadium.

"Of course when you get down by two there's going to be some emotions from the players, that's just the game," said GM-head coach Thomas Niendorf.

"We knew we were in for a tough challenge because (Montreal's) the best team in the league right now.

"They're always very organized in their play so we tried from a tactical point of view to keep everything tight in the midfield. They didn't make any mistakes and we didn't generate enough on the attack."

The 'Stangs could only come up with one quality scoring chance in the second half but by then it was too late.

Their lack of offence was obviously discouraging and led to some overhyped emotional energy towards the final buzzer. As a result, a bunch of small incidents broke out, which set off some late fireworks on and off the field.

First, Calgary's forward Conrad Smith bodychecked Montreal's goalkeeper Greg Sutton in his crease. This resulted in a small melee of pushing and shoving and a two yellow cards for each instigator.

Shortly thereafter, Montreal's Jason DiTullio, who early made a marvellous cross to Frederick Commodore for Montreal's second strike, was knocked from the game after receiving a hard tackle at midfield.

With no doctor on hand to treat DiTullio's injury, Impact officials became enraged, which led to a shouting match between players and coaches on both sides in the hallway to the dressing room after the game.

Cooler heads eventually prevailed but the Mustangs (1-7-2) were left with the sting of a another home loss.

"It was our lack of penetration," said Niendorf.

"We never got to the point where they were felt pressured and cause them to make mistakes. We just didn't have enough quality from our midfields connecting with our attacking play."

With the Impact pressing early, Calgary was forced to take a penalty in their own box in the ninth minute. A slide tackle on Montreal's Antonio Ribeiro led to a penalty kick by Patrick Leduc, who made no mistake and put the Impact in front 1-0.

In the 60th minute, a nice three-way pass across the field by the Impact put the ball on DiTullio's foot, who made no mistake on the cross. Commodore connected on the cross and put a header into the top corner.

For Sutton, it was his eighth shutout of the season and record 35th for the Impact.

From the Calgary Herald but posted at Mustangs Alley:

Injury furor mars victory

Murray Rauw

Calgary Herald

Monday, June 14, 2004

A livid group of Montreal Impact players stomped off the McMahon Stadium turf on Sunday in no mood to celebrate their 2-0 victory.

There were screams of "this is a professional league," directed in anger towards the Calgary Mustangs.

The mood of the Impact had turned sour late in the A-League soccer game when Jason DiTullio suffered a knee injury and there wasn't a doctor available at McMahon to diagnose the problem.

"There are A-League rules that there is a doctor in the house," said Impact coach Nick DeSantis in a calmer voice after the shouting settled down.

DeSantis had the impression that the injury was related to the artificial turf. He wasn't charging that the Mustangs caused the injury with their style of play.

"When you're playing on turf, those things happen -- your foot gets stuck and the knee goes."

Until the injury caused the Impact to blow a gasket, the game had gone the visitors' way; Montreal improved its record to 8-0-1.

The Impact has registered shutouts in eight games and the one goal against the visitors was an own goal. The Mustangs were no threat to that mark.

Montreal opened the scoring in the ninth minute when Patrick Leduc scored on a penalty kick called after Antonio Ribeiro was tripped in the penalty area.

The Impact scored again in the 60th minute with Frederick Commodore scoring on a header off a perfect crossing pass. Still, the visitors thought they were sputtering, perhaps fatigued after playing in Vancouver on Friday.

"We didn't play as we usually play, we usually play better," said Ribeiro, who was a thorn to Calgary for 90 minutes. "Sometimes, you have bad days and that was one of them.

The game was an ordeal for the Mustangs, now 1-7-2. The game didn't have the passion of a Euro 2004 game and it never developed a flow.

Mustangs coach Thomas Niendorf couldn't deny the Mustangs were overmatched. He described the Impact as a team of experienced players.

"They have balance at all the positions," said Niendorf. "They have depth and at any time can bring three of four players off the bench."

Niendorf declined to comment when the issue of not having a physician on the sidelines was raised. But DeSantis vowed the Impact would file a complaint with the A-League office.

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